Arm by geofence Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security?

Hi I just bought the Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security
Is there a way to arm the system when I go out of the geofence? or at least receive a push notification that I’m going out of the geofence and the system is not armed ?

I’m always forget to arm my system when leave my house and that would be very helpful


I do this via WebCore. There is a post about how to set it all up.

Check out ADT Tools.

First you would instal the app and setup the Mode Change part of it. Then setupa routine that would trigger when you leave the geofence to push the button to change to the mode you want.

ADT Tools release thread

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Thank you very much, after a lot of research and attempts (I’m new in this world haha) I make it works finally using the ADT Tools.

Also I understand all the “my device apps” and “my device handlers” things.


Hi did you do it with the ADT tools 2 or the version 1?

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It is pretty much as i state above. Install ADT Tools and setup the mode change functionality. Once that is done setup a routine to press the mode change button to arm the alarm when your presence device leaves.

Sorry I’m pretty new o this, my first day reading and trying to implement the geofence on the ADT Smartthings, I installed the ADT tool 2 and now, I guess I have to create a piston? if so, how do I indicate the smartphone name that has to be monitored for geofence? can I do it for more than smartphone? one do you have the piston code?
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Piston is generally something that involves Webcore. You should be able to create the automation for presence within the smartthings app.