IRIS-Smartthings migration notes from a IRIS user

The new smartthings app seems to be having a problem with getting to the ADT Security settings right now. So open up the Smartthings Classic app. Click on the “ADT” in the upper right corner of the ADT Security dashboard. Click on the Gear in the upper right.

Now you should see all of your sensors. If you click on a sensor you will now see the configurable options for the sensor. it varies based on the type of sensor. This is also where you would configure the sounds and TTS for each sensor.


OK, Thanks!!! I just tried it, and it works.

Another new-old app issue.

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Thanks for the info. I will be doing this tomorrow! I ordered the Smartthings/ADT Kit from Amazon for only $100. I haven’t received my payout from Lowe’s yet, but I’ll spend that on something else. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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Thanks for your impressions feedback ksanders! My impressions have been mixed. I will put my First Alert and siren on soon. I did put my IRIS keyfob on successfully but have no lights on to try the buttons yet…

Initially it was easy to set up the ADT panel and add the sensors that came with the kit. Where I failed was when I added ADT monitoring to mix. I didn’t perform the “Test” required to complete that portion of the setup by not scrolling down and clicking the “Begin” button. I called customer support and after a couple of hours nearly everything was resolved.

Unfortunately the time was listed wrong time (5 hours off, different timezone?) on the panel even though I put in the correct location in my app. Chat sent me to phone support since they couldn’t solve the issue. Unfortunately, after going through the voice prompts and pressing buttons I was finally returned a voice saying the service was “closed”. Phone customer support is supposed to be open from 9 am to 9 pm on EST on Saturdays. My call was between those times. Frustrated by now, I was ready to send the system back to Amazon.

Fortunately I received an answer from this forum, see SOLUTION. Why I had to do this I don’t know.

In any case, it’s amazing to receive answers from unpaid support and nothing from paid support. I give the paid customer support very low marks but this forum very high marks.


Greetings! Thanks for the info. I am an Iris user looking to switch to smartthings. It was good to hear your perspective. I have a question that maybe you or someone else on this post might have some insight in to. I currently have many rules set up that activate lights by motion sensors. I have many iris devices, which will be compatible with Smartthings according to their compatibility list. I do unnderstand that if you purchase the ADT version of the Hub then the third party motion sensors and door/contact sensors cant participate in the alarm functions, but they will still work with rules and for other features of the smarthome. Currently I have have a rule with Iris that when the security alarm is triggered it turns on all the lights. If I were to get the ADT Smarthub, would I be able to still trigger alarm events to turn on all the lights? Or does the ADT smart hub only control ADT branded devices for Alarm activity?


You would need to use a community created app called ADT Tools. Basically it sits on the Smartthings side. When an alarm event is occured it will react and do certain actions for you. They range from turning on lights/flashing lights, activating additional smartthings siren, notifications and more. One thing to remember is it is cloud based so though the alarm side will always work well and function locally. ADT Tools and the actions it will trigger will be subject to Smartthings Cloud reliability. It isn’t normally a problem, but it can happen.

Details about it are here in the release thread

You an also check out Things That are Smart for additional info about custom apps and how to use them.

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The short answer is no, you cannot use the ADT hub to turn on say some lights if security is breached.

Yes there is a APP that you can for now use, but that app is not in my opinion going to be around long. Samsung is in a transition period with smartthings, and it appears that the developer access where you can do things like that is going away, but I have no real first hand knowledge or proof of that.

If you have the “regular” hub (I have both at different locations) you can set up an automation that says …if motion A is detected AND security mode is “away” then turn on smartplug B

What I am finding while programming both hubs pretty much simultaneously is that the ADT hub’s only good points are ADT services and a touch screen to view status, and arm/disarm. Other than that the ADT hub to me has a lot less flexability when it comes to security.

Thats just me but I am literally programing both hubs and trying things side by side.

If it were not for the ADT services that we will be starting subscriptions for, I like the regular hub muchg better.

Can you clarify what you mean when you say it has a lot less flexibility when it comes to security? From my understanding the ADT Smartthings Hub can do all the same things the regular hub can do, it just the security portion requires adt branded sensors in order to trigger events. Have you found that the ADT hub is lacking features of the regular hub and capabilities?

That is exactly what I am saying.

with the ADT you cannot for example turn on a set of lights or a school bell outside if a security breach occurs.

There is not a rule available to do that. There is not the availibility to create one in the custom rules if you are using ADT devices. I tried, plenty of times.

The security module to me seems to be ADT dependant, and set up for their monitoring service.

The non ADT units use a module called home monitor that much better integrates into the Smartthings world of devics

As a further update, the issue with programming the ADT version to use security states as triggers is that unlike the non ADT versions, security state is not a triggerable paramater.

Even under the non ADT model it’s a bit clumsey but it can be done.

For example under the non ADT model you can set a automation where

security state is “away”
Motion is detected on sensor “Garage”

Turn on module “alarm bell”

Under the ADT version the trigger “alarm state away” is not available.

Good Feedback

For long term support - I am wondering if I should go for either a Google Nest or Amazon Ring
Big company deep pockets chances of survival of the technology is better

I like ADT Hub - but then I am confused by why you need two smartthings apps on your phone ?

Did anyone Research IFTTT ?
What is the feedback.

The problem is that example doesn’t make any sense. Why wouldn’t you just use SHM to do that action instead of trying to trigger it outside of the security module that is on the system. I agree that it would be nice for Smartthings and ADT to allow you to manage more on the Smartthings side with the alarm component, but

If you are refering to my example, SHM is not available on ADT hubs.

Am I confusing you with the author of the ADT tools app?

Nope I am the one that has built the ADT Tools app

My point is that the below statement does not really many anything.

That is like trying to create a security action outside of a security application. This negates many of the beneficial functions a security application would possibly provide. On the non ADT Hubs SHM does this for you and any such rule would likely not do anything for you. Something else you should consider is the fact that the Location Alarm State if that is what you are referring to is also only present with the older version of SHM that is available from the legacy platform and runs from the Groovy platform. That is the platform you have been vocal to avoid. If that is your argument then ADT Tools 2 would be more then capable of doing exactly what you claim the ADT Panel can’t do. If you use the Smart Home Monitor that is part of the new platform the only thing you can have it do for integration outside of the SHM app is create an action when the alarm state changes between disarmed, Stay, and Away. That won’t help you in a alarm event. Now within the new SHM App you can have it turn on lights, create a audio notification, and turn on sirens.

Has anyone else noticed some devices missing from rebate process? I know devices that work with other hubs aren’t included. However, I added a few door sensors I hadn’t added yet to get reimbursed but they don’t show up in list of devices with $. Maybe they creditted devices as of some date and not honoring recent additions?

Ironically as I read this post the doorbell rang and it was the mail person delivering my prepaid IRIS debit card. As described, I had to sign for the card. I have activate it, than it gives instructions to check your balance.

I have not recieved my refund yet, but my migration to smartthings is complete.

I have 28 devices on a standard hub on my boat, and another 17 devices on a ADT panel at the house.

For the most part it was easy-peasy!

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Did you try to move the IRIS keypad?

You’re probably asking Kevin but since I was the post before him I’ll respond as well.

I haven’t moved the keypad yet since my wife likes using it and IRIS is still active for us. I’ll wait to move the door sensors, motion sensor, First Alert smoke detector, water leak detector, smart button, and siren until we get closer to IRIS shutdown. The only things I’ve moved are the BR30 Sylvania light bulbs in my ceiling fan, a keyfob, and a smart plug. It will be interesting to see if the keypad works and how it works when I get to that stage.

It doesn’t take much to move the IRIS stuff in my experience so far. I have automation set for my light bulbs and smart plug and they work with Alexa on the ADT ST side as well.