ADT SmartThings Automations?

I own a ADT SmartThings Hub and wanted to know if there’s an easy way to integrate the Armed Away, Awarm Stay and Disarm functions could be integrated in to SmartThings automations. I’ve seen posts about IFTTT and Webcore but don’t quite understand how to do this. I also would like to know if it has been done will it work with Samsung SmartThings app as I know this is where we are heading. I have my Nest integrated on there but it doesn’t work with Samsung SmartThings. Has anyone gotten this to work and is there an easy way to do this?


Will this work for the new SmartThings Samsung app?

Smart apps work in both apps once they are installed via the classic app.

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For instance I have Nest working in the classic app and it shows the device in the Samsung app however the devices don’t respond on the app. Just wanted to make sure I don’t have an issue like that before I do this.

That is a device handler. This is a smart app.

I’m probably doing this wrong. Is there a tutorial or a YouTube video I can follow to do this?

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So I got it to show up and tried adding the ADT panel statuses to my automations in the classic app. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I have the following to select from: “Away”, “Night” and “Home”. I assume Night is supposed to be “Stay” and Home is “Disarmed”. If that is correct I’m not sure why it didn’t work. As for the Samsung app, I see the SmartApp for ADT but I cannot set an automation with it as it’s a IFTTT kind of automation now. I’ll try again in the morning with other ADT statuses to see if they work. Thanks.

Can you provide more information as to what you are trying to do. The ADT tools smart app enables certain functions, but is mainly focused on actions involved in triggering alarm mode changes and actions based on a triggered alarm event.

The modes you mentioned above appear to be Smartthings modes and not the alarm system modes. It can be a little confusing, but they are different and have very different functions.

If you could provide some examples of what you are trying to automate I may be able to provide some ideas about how to accomplish it.

Something to remember when trying to use the new app is that its options for automations are extreamly limited. I think that its integrations even for SHM are limited to alarm mode changes based on time of day only and no smartapp can read the alarm status. You will probably need to lean on the classic app for almost anything to do with the alarm. I did update a device handler for the button device handler to allow it to work in the new app though.

Ok i have had some more time to wake up and think about this. So lets start with are you just wanting automations to know what the Alarm mode is. You could possibly use the Location mode you pointed at above as a way to do that. It would possibly limit the location mode usefullness if you do that, but it is probably the most reliable way to do it so that it works across both the old and new apps right now.

Another option would be for me to add the abililty to sync location mode to ADT Alarm Mode. I have already done this with Location Alarm State being updated with the ADT Alarm mode changes. It does get a bit confusing because there are so many values, but it certainly is possible. Does that sound like what youa re looking for to help with your automations.

Yeah I basically wanted to be able to set automations to turn off everything when I go to bed or work as well as arming the adt panel in one button press as opposed to having to arm it separately. Am I able to do that with this smart app? I also bought a SmartThings button so I wanted to try that as well to do everything in one when i go to bed.

This function is certaly avaliable in a way from ADT Tools.

The ADT Tools child app “ADT Mode Change” links to a button for each ADT Alarm Mode Status. When I designed it the expectation was that a siimulated button would be used, but there is no reason you can’t select a real button to do the same action. I have on the ADT Tools repository a DTH that create a virtual button device that will work in both the classic and new apps. Basically what you would do is just add that button push to whatever automation you setup.

My personal example is I use the standard goodnight routine. My good night routine turns off lights and does a few things, and then presses the button for Alarm/Stay. That has been working great. I use it with a google home mini to trigger the routine intead of pussing a button, but it is the same idea.

I also have in the new app Automation of arming and disarming the alarm panel by Geolocation of my and my wifes phones. The alarm will arm automatically when we leave the house. Again it is as simple as the automation simply pressing the button when we leave the location.

I too want to be able to add that into the Goodnight automation as well as trying it out with the SmartThings physical button. What files do I need the code for to do this? I did the ADT Mode Change file.

adt-tools.src is the source for the parent app. The rest that start with adt- are child apps that add functionality. I would download all of them. You only need to publish adt-tools.src in the IDE though. As long as the others are present in the IDE they work when setup from the parent app.

Explains why it didn’t work for me. I’ll give it a try later today. Thank you.

Ok I installed the tools and the child app for mode changes but it still doesn’t work. I added it into my automations. Am I doing something wrong?

The ADT mode change app associates a alarm mode to a button. You should be looking to press the button with the alarm mode you want to initiate instead of changing the mode of the location.

Did you use the ADT Momentary tile device handler to create a virtual button for each alarm mode? Or did you just link your physical button to the mode you want to use.

I didn’t create a device handler nor know how to make one. I tried a while back trying to get Nest working on SmartThings and gave up. For that someone on the forum was selling his automation for Nest and it setup the handlers for me. I guess I need a extensive tutorial on how to do this.

There is a walkthrough on how to create a virtual device in the Smartthings IDE Here

Just remember with those directions to substitute the ADT momentary tile when specifying the device type.

You dont need to create the DTH from scratch as I already updated one for the simulated button. Just retrieve it from my repo Here

Once you get a the virtual buttons configured for each alarm mode. Go back and make sure the ADT Mode change child app is configured to use the correct button for each mode. Then test it by simply pressing the button from the smartthings things display in the mobile app. You should hear your alarm change modes armed and disarmed modes. As long as that worked now add the button for the mode you want to trigger to your bedtime automation.

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