Need to broadcast sounds in other parts of the house (including ADT/SmartThings panel announcements)

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can have alerts and sounds (ex. door opening beeps) play on additional devices. My ADT SmartThings hub is in one part of the house, but we cannot hear announcements, alerts, etc. in other parts of the house. Are there auxiliary devices that will broadcast/replicate the sounds? Thanks for any ideas.

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This may depend on what kind of alerts you want. Those can be very different things. I will try to discuss a few things.

Actual alarms could be as simple as triggering a external siren device like a Dome Siren. I have attempted to add this functionality to a Smartapp i have writen called ADT Tools . The idea being it monitors for triggered alarmed events and then triggers the siren/strobe, or flashes lights. It is also setup to stop the siren when the alarm is cleared.

I am fairly certain there are apps out there for triggering the door chime based on contact sensors this should be something completely outside of the ADT part, and just done by monitoring the contacts.

Does that cover what you ment by anouncements and such. Clarification on what that is exactly may help get to a good answer for all of the situations you are thinking of.


Thanks for the response. I am trying to replicate a feature I had in my old hard-wired system. We had touchpads at the front of the house and at the rear. When a door opens, we would hear a chime that would come through both pads. Same with the sounds from window contacts, fault messages, etc. You could also arm and disarm from either pad. With the SmartThings system, I do not need the arm/disarm capability since my family members can do that from mobile devices. However, if someone is in the rear of the home, there is no way they will hear the door chime if a door or window is opened. I am wondering if there are peripheral devices that work in tandem with the touchpad that can be placed and heard in other parts of the house. Hope this describes the problem correctly.

For me, I have tablets (mostly Amazon Fire Tablets) that act as TTS Devices. These are paired with various Echo Devices or Soundbars.

I setup my notifications in webCoRE then send those to whatever tablet I want using LANnouncer. Works great!

However, for something as simple as your request. Simple panel hack should work just fine. I would take the output of the speaker to something that will serve as an audio distribution source. This can be via speaker wire, wifi, bluetooth, RJ45 or whatever.

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Can you clairfy what you mean by “fault messages, etc”. I just want to make sure i send you in the right direction.

I think a simple door chime should be very doable just from Smartthings, but not sure what y ou mean by fault messages, etc.

If you are thinking something more like TTS for contact sensors that is a bit more complex. You may want to look at this link

It has some good info for setting up a chime

One thing that probably needs to be said is that you won’t duplication what the ADT pannel does exactly. You have to recreate it and it will be similar but may not be identical.

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Plugging my own app here if you have a Google Home:

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