Control 3-speed Ceiling Fan and Light Kit?

Hi all,

Is there a device that allows me to control a 3-speed ceiling fan with a dimmable light kit? Right now I have an inwall switch like this:

which i am trying to replace. Thanks!

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Not in a single unit as you currently have, I am in the same boat

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UPDATED 3/14/17 There is now an alternative option that I am recommending that uses the new Home Depot zigbee device. It controls Fan speed plus the light, easier to install, use RF wireless remote or in-wall remote controlller and less money :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there isn’t a combo unit to do that today. I ended up using two devices. The GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control for the fan speeds. And a second device, Aeon Labs AEDSC19103ZWUS Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2 for the lights. You can replace your wall switch with the GE and then mount the Aeon up in the canopy. I actually mounted both devices up in my canopy because I didn’t have an existing wall switch on my fan since it was being controlled only through two pull chains on the fan itself. I got the Energy version of the light dimmer as a way for positive feedback that the lights are on and at what dimmer level. You could instead just get the Aeon Labs Aeotec DSC27103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Illuminator In-Wall Light Dimmer without energy monitoring to save some money. Or you could instead mount the Fan Speed up in the canopy and use a smart light dimmer on the wall if you prefer having manual control of the light over the fan on your wall location. UPDATE: I ended up installing a HomeSeer WD100+ on the wall to control the lamps in the room and programmed in a couple of the multi-taps to control the fan light. Works great for my unique situation.
UPDATE: I ended up writing a smartapp to control my ceiling fan. I am calling it 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat and is specifically designed to work with a GE Smart Fan Control device.


I used a zwave light bulb, a ge fan control (in canopy) and a 7 button scene controller on the wall in place of the switch. I just hard wired the line and load together for continuous power for the light itself since it is zwave. The main drawback is that there isn’t physical switch to control the light if ST is down and no physical access to the fan control switch if ST is down. (Unless I go up and unscrew the canopy).

At first I used a ge bulb but those are zigbee and the delay was far too long for us. So I think I have 4 ge bulbs to sell lol.

Hi @dalec,

I just installed the same GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control and the Aeon Labs AEDSC27103ZWUS Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2 switch on both of my master bedroom ceiling fans last week, but with a different configuration. I have the micro switch behind the fan control in the wall:

If you do not mind my asking, what are you using for a Device Type and Smart App to control the fan and lights?



You guys are awesome… and insane! PERFECT!

I’m jealous. That is the way I would have preferred to do it if I had an existing light switch to replace. :wink: I ended up using the Virtual Thermostat smart app but it isn’t the ideal control of the speed control of the fan. It basically triggers it to whatever setting it last was set at. It would be better to have it trigger it in stages like low, medium, high speeds if the temp in the room continues to rise. If I want to dive into groovy someday I’ll attempt to tackle it. The device type for the GE is a **Dimmer Switch and Aeon is a Aeon Illuminator Module. But something is amiss because SmartThings crashes sometimes? Still trying to figure it out.

**UPDATE: I switched to @ChadCK device handler It is MUCH better than the standard dimmer one I had been using. And I use my custom 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat for control.

IDo you use Rule Machine? That is how I’m controlling my fan. I set up rules for temperatures to set low, medium, high and off. That was long ago and Bruce has added a lot of functionality since then that would probably allow us to reduce it to 1-2 rules. Since my rules work I haven’t bothered to go back and rebuild them.

They are something like the ones below, just change the temps and speeds to suit your needs. Depending on your device controller you can set dimmer level or speed)

Temp >= 72
Action for true: fan fan low (or dimmer 20)
Action for false: fan off (dimmer 0 or switch off)

Rule 2 temp >=74
Action for true: fan medium (dimmer 55)

Rule 3 temp>76
Action for true: fan hi (dimmer 99)

I also think you can build complex rules or with the more recent releases of RM use rule actions and evaluate rules more effectively. Might want to ask some of the better logic guys in the rule machine logic thread.

Edit: when I use dimmer in my post that is the RM language. I’m assuming a fan control not a standard dimmer. It isn’t advisable to use a standard dimmer with a fan. However the ge fan control device type gets set with dimmer levels.

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Awesome! No I haven’t tried Rule Machine but I will give it a try. Thanks @whyintheworld !

UPDATE: I just downloaded @bravenel Rule Machine and just like you thought Bruce has updated it. I haven’t gone through entire thread but Bruce is a machine! WOW :slight_smile: He recently released a new update specifically with thermostat operating state functionality. Continuing the discussion from Rule Machine Version 1.7 Released:

Got it done and it works fine. Thanks for the tip @whyintheworld about Rule Machine. This app is so powerful I don’t know why SmartThings doesn’t just adopt this and just include it out of the box? Here is my final setup in Rule Machine.

UPDATE: I took out Rule Machine due to some disadvantages and instead I ended up writing a smartapp specifically for a 3 Speed Ceiling Fan thermostat control via temperature.

The problem with Rule Machine was

  1. It was very cumbersome to make a simple room setpoint change due to the number of rules involved and for those with more than one fan made it worse.
  2. Anytime the fan starts up from being off I wanted it to start temporarily in High speed just like all the manufacturers do with their pull chain first bringing on high speed. This was again doable in rules but very tedious.
  3. Rule Machine got pulled and it seems like SmartThings and the author @bravenel are not able to work it out.
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This is crazy I can’t believe some manufacturer hasnt come up with a fan light combo device for a single gang box. I have all the wiring in place for all my fans but need to maintain wall controls or get rid of the wife (she hates technology lol).


Luddite labeling aside, would a minimote qualify under the WAF? I have 2 fans in my master bedroom that have their wall switches converted to fan control only and a minimote being used to control the lights manually.

Just trying to help with the selling of it. :smiley:

It would probably work but Im the anti remote guy with 3 already on my nightstand. Sad part is when I remodeled the house I added separate switch legs and neutrals to all the boxes for separate control of the fans and lights but I did it all in single gang boxes. I guess I could go in and convert them all to two gang boxes but I just think it would look tacky. Pretty sad when the big names like Leviton, GE, P&S etc etc etc can’t make one between them. I could consider getting rid of the wife but cheaper to keep her isnt just a saying. :smile:

Truer words have never been spoken! :wink:

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[quote=“Belgarion, post:5, topic:29215”]
I just installed the same GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control and the Aeon Labs AEDSC27103ZWUS Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2 switch on both of my master bedroom ceiling fans last week, but with a different configuration. I have the micro switch behind the fan control in the wall
[/quote] So, for this application, you need to have separate wires that go to the fan and lights. Am I correct in assuming this?
I currently have a ceiling light in my bedroom and I’m planning to replace it with a ceiling fan/light unit. Since I don’t want to pull a new Romex to have the extra wire at the switch, I was thinking of using and AEON Micro placing it inside the canopy. But I also want to control my fan using the GE fan control switch, but I don’t know how nice the AEON and the GE will play together, given that the AEON Micro will receive the Live wire from the GE fan control on the wall.

I am going to say that if it were me, I would definitely not try to tap into the power from the fan for the lights. Others may have a different opinion.

If the wattage draw for the lights is minimal (LED’s?), you may get away with the voltage regulation at the fan control still allowing enough power for the light, but do you really want to be locked in to only being able to use the lights if the fan is on?

No, sir. That’s why I am trying to troubleshoot ways into this. It is such a shame there still isn’t a fan/light combo smart switch. I may end up just using one of the remotes from Hunter Douglas, etc., to do it, and not have it integrated with ST.

We need a smart fan that connects to ST. I know there is one supposed to come out soon with Wink and I hope it would be either Zigbee or Z-wave, so we could use it with ST.

@rdelavega Your best bet will be to fish the walls. I know its a PITA but to truly be the best installation you either need to get a hot wire to the fan or another switch leg to the switch. Oh and that hot wire needs to be from the same neutral or your looking at alot of other problems.

I’m waiting to go in the attic and take a look. I have procrastinated this, but probably during spring cleaning I’ll do it and see how the wiring looks.

Better hurry temperatures is a rising. :slight_smile:

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I am an electrician, so running the proper wire isn’t too hard. I just don’t want to go through all that hassle. I find it hard to believe that with the high demand of people wanting to use a fan speed control with a light dimming control separate that a product doesn’t exist yet. I’m new to ST and am trying hard to find a ST solution without running the wire