GE In-Wall Smart Fan Control (12730) How?

I have a traditional 3-speed ceiling fan with light. If I use the GE In-Wall Smart Fan Control (12730), can I control the light and fan speed from the SmrtThings App? And without getting too complicated, how?

Typically 2 separate pull chains would control the light and fan speed, but with only one load wire powering both the fan and the light, how does the GE In-Wall Smart Fan Control (12730) know which I want to control?

Simple answer is it doesn’t. Usually people use that switch to control the fan alone. There are multiple threads where people have done it different ways.

Let me get home to my computer and I’ll try to post some links. You could search while you wait.

Readers digest version is you’ll use the GE switch for the fan and another switch for the light. Either in the wall box, or one of the switches buried in the overhead box. Depends on wiring and what your comfortable doing.

Also to note: some fans don’t provide separate wiring for the lights and fan operation (you need a neutral and two loads in the overhead box). If there is only one load line then you can’t control the fan independently and there is no way to automate it. If you have two loads then you can use the fan switch.

In general there are these four options with variations on each.

Most expensive, Complete manual control.

  1. Run a three wire line from fan to switch box and install two smart switches (one dimmer, one fan switch)

More functionality, more expensive. You can control the fan and lights independently by single, double, or hold actions from the Homeseer or multi button switch. Dependent on Cloud
2. Homeseer 100+ (or other multi button smart switch) in switch box not connected to load, load hardwired directly to overhead box. Connections in overhead box: either smart dimmer/micro dimmer/smart lights connected to lighting load, fan smart switch to fan load.

Less expensive, no manual switch control
3. Same as above without smart switch in wall. Main switch unused/covered.

Least expensive, on/off only, no manual switch control, no dimming, fan speed change through pull chain.
4. Dual micro on/off switch in overhead. Main switch unused/covered

*Extra option for completion: Expensive, buy a smart fan

Look in this topic. It’s just one of many. You should find some options in it.

Like mentioned above, if your unlucky enough to only have 1 load wire in the fan itself. (Light and Fan not separated in fan). Your not going to be able to change it.

Thank you. I only have a single load wire to the fan. Looks like I have some decisions to make.

Have you tried or considered dual relay controller?

This is what I use:

Might also keep an eye on this thread if willing to wait.

I just wanted to clarify: all of the options above assume a single load to the fan from the switch box, but that single load is wired to dual loads (one for fan, one for lights) in the overhead box. If you have only a single load in the overhead, none of the 4 options will work and you would need to replace your whole fan. Then a smart fan may be the option to consider.

Also, the dual relay mentioned above is the same as option 4 in my list.

My coffee wasn’t strong enough apparently.

As far as single load going to fan/light, its simple enough to pull 12/3 through when you have access to both ends of existing… provided you want to get that involved, but 15’ of 12/3 romex is much cheaper than new fan.

Easier said than done. I have a fan the same way. The existing Romex is stapled tight so it can’t be pulled. It also travels through multiple studs and the existing switch plate is sandwiched between two studs (adding a larger gang box is very difficult). I’ve decided instead of making 10 plus holes in the ceiling, I went with one of the options above.

Yeah I had same issue in my daughters room, I swear whoever initially wired it made a figure 8 that crossed 3 studs. I just left it and used a snake to feed it up through… Was still definitely worth it though.

What is this “smart fan” you speak of?

Thinking about this there is no reason that a smart variable relay ( ) can’t be used at the fan itself where wires split between light and fan. Could even put smart light in and leave switch on all the time, which would make everything fully controllable

I had this issue. Had to put the GE fan dimmer in the fan box in the ceiling. I used a Lightify bulb in the fan. I then took out the wall switch wired and installed a 7-button in wall controller. The bulb and dimmer shared the load wire, such that the dimmer and bulb always had power. I then controlled the fan dimmer and light bulb using the 7 button controller.

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That’s basically what I was saying but I didnt use the 7 button in wall controller… a nice addition :+1:

Did you use a direct connection from the 7 button controller to the light or did you run it through the hub? I have mine run through the hub but man is there a bad delay between the switch and the light…

Through hub

I’ve done all of the above
1 ran a new 14/3 wire from fan/light to switch, replaced old single with double gang box and put in 2 new switches 1 dimmer for lights and a fan controller.
2 wire the lights on , use Hue bulbs in the lights . Use fan controller for the fan
3 Use in wall dual relay inside the top of the fan. Can turn fan or lights on/off with switch or with ST. Control fan speed by the pull chain
4 Buy a new fan without lights, install new 2 gang box. Install fan controller for fan and a separate switch and wiring for new recessed lights in ceiling

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This seems as good a place as any to post my question. I’m using this 3-speed GE fan controller and it works just fine. But, I changed fans to put in an industrial fan (I think it was salvaged from a Huey and turned upside down to be a fan) for more air. On medium, the fan is too slow.

Any thoughts on how to speed it up?

I know all the prohibitions on using a standard light dimmer for a fan motor, but is there an ST-controllable motor switch with more than just the three steps?