Ceiling Fan with Google Home Smartthings

I have a ceiling fan with 2 switches. One turns on and off the fan one turns on and off the light. Then of course you have to pull the chain to lower the fan or raise the fan speed. What are my options with this wiring to get my ceiling fan to work with google home. Can I just go with 2 wemo light switches? What about the 3 way GE switch that I have heard about that will control fan speed also? Thanks

The GE fan control switch (3 speeds) should do very well to control the fan. Google Home or Alexa will take a little more work because those see the switches as a dimmer. Because of that, you’ll have to say “dim the ceiling fan to 50%”, or whatever. May people create a virtual device for each fan speed so they can then just say the device name without have to specify the dim level. Personally I just say “Alexa, dim master bedroom ceiling fan to xx%”, and that works just fine.

BTW, Wemo doesn’t have a switch to control a fan that I know of.

Asked my friend who knows a little more about wiring says that even though there are two switches there (one for light and one for fan) that it’s not a dual pole switch?

Only has one neutral and two black.

Just one white and two black so what are my option. Not really worried about the light as I could just use a hue bulb and use smartthings to turn it on and off. I just want something to control the ceiling fan.

That changes things a bit. When you said 2 switches I assumed you meant two separate switches, not a switch like that.

There are a few posts in the community that have tackled similar use cases like yours, so I’d recommend searching for solutions.

There are microswitches that can be tucked away in the box, and/or in the fan’s ceiling box, so you can preserve the wall switch. What I would not recommend you do is use smartbulbs in the fan.

Having a neutral there is important, and perhaps each black wire is the hot for the lights and the other is the fan, but you’re going to want an electrician to help you out.

Here are some search results for you to read through that should help you out, and to ask your questions there as well. Lot’s of smart folks in these discussions.


I use Google Home with my ceiling fan. One of your options today is replace existing switch with an in-wall remote and install the new zigbee device under the ceiling fan cowl.

This new MR101Z zigbee device controls both light and fan speed directly so in Google Home I just say “Turn on Den Fan High Speed” or “Turn on Den Fan Light”, etc

had the same thing, Cut out the box. Cut the hole bigger and put in an “Old Work” 3 gang box (I had a 2 gang to begin with, because of another light). Then I used the GE smart fan switch and then a GE Smart Dimmer.

So is this what I need then. Anyone have it online yet?

If you can’t wait for the controller to become available at retail you can order the repair parts direct from manufacturer at 800-749-3267
King of Fans
Model #43260
UPC code 82392 43260
Wink Receiver MR101Z (J) $32
**Remote Control TR227A (K) $25
Total for both with shipping $72 which is 7-10days

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Yes it is in beta now and there are several people running it now. I have it working with both Alexa and Google Home as well.

Read the post because you don’t need to purchase the remote I list there. I put it there only because that is what comes with the Gardinier fan which is fine but you have other choices. It will work with other remotes and the one you will probably want is the in-wall version I think to be mounted on the light switch box. If that is true get only the receiver from King of Fans and order the in-wall from HomeDepot online sales. The links for ordering the other remotes is toward the end of the original post I gave you,

Here is a video of it working under the alpha version so the beta device thing looks better in SmartThings now than what you see in the video. I am just showing three different style remotes all working simultaneously with the zigbee device along with the SmartThings custom device handler.

Sorry, newbie here. Will this controller work for fans other than the hampton bay fan?
Is it compatible with something like this westinghouse?