Wireless ceiling fan/light

Hey everyone, first post here and hope its in the right spot :slightly_smiling:
Anyway, been putting a materials list together of switches and outlets and stuff for my project.
However, I’ve come across something I can’t seem to find a solution for. I have a ceiling fan/light that doesn’t have a traditional switch. It is operated by remote only. Is there something I can use for these?
From my limited knowledge on this, I’m thinking a relay might work in there? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
As a slight sidetrack, I have a really strong wi-fi signal throughout my house and being in a city, there are quite a few networks around me, so it seems that z-wave would be a better choice, no?

Thanks again in advance!

Welcome aboard @ekaz!

My solution to controlling lights in my ceiling fans was to use the Aeon Labs AEDSC27103ZWUS Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2.

Here is the little message on my project: