Has anyone tried to put a Z-Wave fan controller in the canopy?

I’ve found a lot of people who want a Z-Wave product similar to the Insteon FanLinc. GE and Leviton both make Z-Wave ceiling fan wall switches. Has anyone tried to put one of these in the canopy like FanLinc?

I’ve thought about trying to cram one of the Aeotec Micro Smart Switches up there… But, it wouldn’t control the speed, so I didn’t think it would be worth it…


Out of curiosity, what is the benefit of fitting the controller into the canopy rather than just using one of the in-wall switches you mentioned?

Also, I assume this is a related to this Reddit post… just figured I would link the two to bridge the conversation for anyone who finds this in the future looking for information.

I did it. @joshua_lyon the benefit for me was I didn’t have a wall switch for my ceiling fan. There was power up in the ceiling only without any wall switch. The fan/light was being controlled via the pull chains. I posted pictures on this other thread.

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Hi Dalec,

I’ve been reading your posts about the GE Z-Wave Controller. I have a vaulted ceiling without an attic so, I hooked up the fan switch directly within the canopy and it turned blue without putting a load on it. I took out the remote control by Hampton Bay, since I was having interference issues and wanted to control it using Wink and my Echo. The lights installed on the under the fan (connected to it are not hooked up to anything. Could I put another GE Add on switch in canopy if there is room and use the power tapped off the main power (14-3) source? The 14-3 romex feeding the fan has two switches connecting power to it. I have plenty of switchplate room. In order to feed constant power to the fan I bypassed a switch and coupled the hot wire together. Should I just use the fan remote for the lights and not try anything else or what else can I do? I do have a traveler going to the fan.

If you have switches in the wall , why not put your smart switches there vice in the canopy? Most people put the switches in the canopy becasue they do not have switches in the wall, or the line power comes in at the overhead light box, or there is only 1 switch for both fan and light.

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Or there is no neutral at the wall switch.


For now you’re right, but I won’t have dimming ability. If I put it in the wall, I will have no way to do any dimming. I guess when the switch turns on the fan it will also control the light if I tap into the same power. I need a way to control the dimming of the lights and have it isolated from the fan controller.
I did consider the following:

  1. Connect the fan controller normally and put a GE Add-IN switch in the canopy.
  2. Install a GE ADD-IN Z-Wave Switch and tap the neutral to it.
  3. Tap the red traveler wire to it.
  4. Hook up the load to the light wire going to the fan lights.
    The problem I encounter is that when the fan is off I will not have power to the lights.

My logic was that by eliminating the switches at the wall and running power directly to the canopy I can split the power to control both the fan and lights separately.

In the future, I’m planning on having some contractors install some recessed cans in the vaulted ceiling. My Wife wants it, but I think it’s a waste of money. My idea was to put up track lighting, but she thinks it’s too dated. When they put up the recessed lights I can have them run another 14-3 romex to the light at the fan canopy and then I can just use a Z-Wave switch at the wall slaved to the Smart Fan…that would be ideal!

I was also wondering if anybody within this forum knows if you can tap into an existing traveler circuit and connect it to another traveler ckt? I want to add my outdoor switch to my Z-Wave Fan Controller Smart Switch.

I think I see where your coming from. With only 14-3 wire at the switch and line power coming in at the switch your in a tight spot getting a line to the overhead for a second switch in the canopy. Or dual switches on the wall.

There is another thread where some people are trying to get a new style module that replaces the old RF modules with something compatible with smarthings. It has fan and light control in one unit.

I’ll see if I can find it and post a link possibly you could go that route?

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This is the thread, it has side links to another thread on the same topic where they discuss where to purchase it at.


That would be awesome. I really like this forum so far. I don’t actually use smartthings, I use Wink. I really like all of the Z-wave stuff, but what’s cool about Wink and smartthings is that they have radios for both zigbee and z-wave.

I was thinking about going Z-Wave entirely, but I like the way Wink integrates so well with Amazon Echo. My Wife and daughter have really adapted well to it. They don’t want to admit it, but they like to show off all of the voice commands when we have guests.