Smart fan switch compatibilty

Hello I’ve thinking to add to my automated home a smart fan switch however I dont know if it will work with my fan.

I have a westinghouse fan that I control wirelessly with a remote. With that remote I can control the light and also the fan speed. There is only 1 switch in the wall, so If I turn it off, both the fan and the lights go off. If I toggle the switch on, then I can turn the lights OR the fan on with the remote.

My question is, can I control both things with this smart switch?? Or i need 1 switch for each thing (lights and fan)

Thanks in advance

Bookmarking as I have the same use case. Thanks for posting!

The only device that can actually do that is the Insteon FanLinc controller but unless it works through the unofficial Insteon integration (you’ll need an Insteon hub) then you’re out of luck.

What some people HAVE done is install a GE 12730 switch AND some sort of Aeon/Enerwave switch inside the canopy if you have the room. Alternatively, if you have easy access to the wiring in the ceiling you can get an electrician to run another wire so you can have a separate switch.

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I am one such person. :wink:

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Thank you for chiming in @Belgarion I was trying to find your post but my search foo failed…

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Here is how I installed the aeon switch and the GE12730: