Best way to control ceiling fans

I was wrong. I just checked and I don’t have a fan as described in #1. Only #2 and #3.

you can use a smart switch to control the light and fan like you do now. I have a few like that but only 2 out of about 7. But if have just a chain and no switch at all I am not sure what you can do with that.

I’m really hoping to control each independently though. Especially in my theater room so I can integrate with my Harmony.

I may have a solution, it’s just going to cost more than I expected. I just received an Enerwave Z-Wave Plus Hidden switch: As long as I can wire the fans so the wall switch controls the light only, I’ll use a smart dimmer switch for the lights and the Enerwave for the fan.

If you use the Enerwave for the fan. You’ll only be able to do on / off. I believe that switch is not designed for fan control of changing speeds.

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Also I found installing the enerwaves at the light or fan does not work. Switch still does but the enerwave didn’t do anything. I think they are meant to be installed behind dumb switches.

If you search the forum there is ALOT of discussions and projects on this topic.

I had 1 circuit where I put the GE fan controler in the fan shroud, put GE switch on the wall in a 3 way setup for light.

See this post for more info:

I would think it would work? Does need power on it so the radio can communicate. So you couldn’t get you line from the wall switch load going up to the ceiling.

Might take some extra effort or rewiring? Hard to say, I have only installed one Enerwave like this linked one. That was today for a light with power in the ceiling vice the wall switch.

You might be interested in reading this thread. Group of people working good one. Trying to make a new all in one controller work.

[quote=“joewom, post:7, topic:80046”]
Also I found installing the enerwaves at the light or fan does not work.
[/quote] It should have worked. If you ever want to try again just post your problem. Remember a neutral is required for Enerwave ZWN-RSM1 and it will not do speed control like @TN_Oldman says it is only On-Off.

Also keep an eye on the post that Don put up on the new Zigbee fan-light controller. If you can wait for it to get in stock at Home Depot

I remember I had to leave the light switch on for it to work.

Ahhhh… that’s it!. The Enerwave needs constant line power to the blk wire and and a neutral, not designed to be run using switched power

Is there one that knows when the switch is on and off and works that way?

I don’t have neutrals on a few plugs switch boxes and thought this would be the fix.

Sure, but all of them will need constant power. You did have constant power where you were mounting your Enerwave correct and it was just wired wrong, yes? You were mounting it at the ceiling fan so there must have been?

This seems like it would do exactly what I want. It doesn’t seem to get good reviews though

Yes untill the switch was turned off

You can control the Enerwave with a switch. You put line on one side of the switch, wire on other side of switch goes to auxiliary wire on Enerwave.

You basically just made your switch into a 3 way circuit. Enerwave can control light on / off. When you toggle the wall switch it tells the Enerwave to turn the light on / off. Wall switch no longer has the top paddle on ,bottom paddle off. It now toggles like a 3 way switch does.

Just did this a little bit ago. It works good.


Oh ok I see

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I pulled apart the wall switches and was able to rewire how the fans operate. The walls have two switches. One controls the fan and another controls a receptacle outlet. Fortunately, the house was wired with 3-wire cable. I rewired the receptacle so it’s always hot. Then I wired the fan so the light kit and fans are controlled by individual switches. Now I just need to order dimmer switches and fan switches and everything will work as I wanted.

I appreciate everyones help.


Did you ever get answers, I been searching also.
I have same setup 2 switch 1 for fan 1 switch for the light on the fan.
Years ago I added a remote fan light control which I’d like to keep to use in addition to Zwave controlled options if possible

I see the guy Dalec in the community has done this, but have contracted other with No input or suggestions