Aeon recessed door sensor gen 5 device type

The new recessed door sensor is z wave plus and not compatible with the existing z wave door/window sensor.

This device type should work.

edit: Remove comment about battery not working.


Thanks Mike this worked for me!

I’m not seeing any logging from the device though, are you?

worked for me also, no battery status of course but I am seeing logging.

thanks btw!!!

I have six of the previous gen recessed door sensors — they were withdrawn from market so abruptly. Was there a particular widespread problem? Mine seem to work fine.

Don’t know you mean by logging. They work though. I put some fishing line around the circuit board to make it easier to pull out when the battery dies. Wish I could figure out battery reporting.

I believe they were unavailable while they where getting Gen5 certification.

New device type on my github to fix battery issue. You must delete the device and re-add it after you have added the device type. I also added the appropriate fingerprint so the proper device type is detected on add.


I have 2 of these sensors. One I purchased about a year ago the other I purchased about 4 months ago. They are both set to Zwave window/door sensor. The older one never has reported battery the 4 month old one reports battery. I assume there are different hardware revisions?

The new ones for sale now are a different model #: ZW089-A

I’m not sure about any previous versions or their issues. I’ve never owned any.

This doesn’t seem to work well whenever there’s multiple of these sensors. I bought 2, and I can’t get both to function at the same time.

I only have one unfortunately. My knowledge of the smart things platform is certainly far from expert but I dont understand how this is possible. Commenting in the debugging code and posting your logs to paste bin might help me see what is going on.

I have 2 and they both work great. I am still on the first version of this device type though. Haven’t gotten around to updating to the battery reporting yet.

I think the trick is to use Z-wave Exclude while adding subsequent ZW089-A sensors. I have to try it again, but that seems to have allowed both to be added without loss of function. Both are showing battery levels now.

Totally exclude the device from the z wave network?

I have just installed one and it always shows open. Any ideas?

did you already glue the magnet end in the door? Manually testing it with the magnet will tell you if its a defective sensor.

I didn’t glue it in and pulled the sensor and the magnet out of the door. I can see the red light change as I put the magnet near the sensor, but the status doesn’t change in the app. Also, I don’t see any battery values or any activity in the log.

And you switched it to my custom device type in your manager? What does the log screen say when you pass the magnet?

Not sure what you mean by “switched it to my custom device type in your manager”. This is what I’ve done. I created a new Device Type by cutting and pasting your code and published it to me. I then had a new Device Type “jabber:Aeon Recessed Door Sensor”. I then opened the iPhone app and hit + Connect New Device and pushed in the button on top of the sensor. It came back and said it found a new device called Aeon Recessed Door Sensor. I called it Laundry Door sensor and hit Done and the icon appeared in my Things list, the state was Open and it never switches.

Also, what log should I look at? The Activity screen is blank. Also in the IDE the is no value for Last Activity for the device.

Also, I’ve looked at the real time logging screen in the IDE and nothing gets logged when i change the state of the sensor.

Sounds like you have done everything right. I’m not convinced it matters but can you be sure the device type is published after making the below change. Try removing the // in the device type code below and republishing it.

// log.debug("Parse returned ${result}")

Then go to the logs section in the ide. with the code uncommented above the device type should print messages to the log every time you pass the magnet by the sensor. (Be sure you have some clearance. It doesn’t work if the magnet touches the sensor)