Problems with SmartThings & Aeon Recessed Door Sensor Gen 5

I’ve got three of the above sensor. I starting to think this device is not compatible with the V2 Hub or SmartThings communication stack. Sometimes SmartThings will show the door is open when it is closed, or SmartThings will show the door closed and SmartThings will unlock my door after I lock it with the Enhanced Auto Lock.

Don’t zwave devices receive an acknowledgement that the hub has received the data communication from the device?

I have 2 of these, and they have both worked fine on both v1 and v2 hubs with the default “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” devicetype. If you’re up are using a custom devicetype I’d recommend swapping to the default one, if are using the default “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” devicetype your u may want to contact support.

I’m using the default “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” devicetype.

Try this device type - works for me

I had those problems myself, and it turned out to be a signal issue. I think the signal with these things isn’t as strong as other devices (possibly because they’re inside wood when installed). I added a switch halfway between the hub and the door sensor, and re-aimed the hub a bit for the other one, and now they work fine.

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I’ve got 22 GE z-wave switches, with one or more switches within 4 feet from sensor. But who knows if the routing goes thru any of these repeaters, we don’t have access to the routing tables.

I’ve added 12 of the GE Zigbee switches, in doing so i’ve move some switches around to give better zigbee range. Since if I’ve repaired the z-wave network and rebooted the hub.

I will have to try the “aeon-recessed-door-sensor-gen-5.groovy” device code.

This one is not on the Door Sensor, but my door locks on the Enhanced Auto Lock timer of 120 min and then unlocks on two seconds later that automatically unlocks the door when open. The state of the Door Sensor was closed!!!

What’s wrong with SmartThings?

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