Z-Wave plus (Gen 5)

Why not ask aeotec for the technical instructions? Take a look at what fibro provides — makes writing a device driver easy.

Also. Seems to be that the manufacturers should see putting together a solid smartthings/vera/homeseer/etc device driver as an integral part of their business. Try bugging them. They have the financial reward of more customers.


Here is their response:

“The Siren is a new product at the moment, you might have to get into contact with smart things, i am unsure how it is suppose to show up in their interface. It is possible they have not fully added compatibility yet, or failed to pass information between the controller and the siren. I suggest re-including the siren a few more time before getting into contact with smartthings hub support team.”

Do you have a url for Fibaro API documentation?

For instance — http://www.fibaro.com/manuals/en/FGRGBWM-441-RGBW-Controller/FGRGBWM-441-RGBW-Controller-en-2.1-2.3.pdf

Just saying that for their devices, they seem to be really up front with the technical details that are helpful when writing a device profile.

I have 2 LinearLinc BulbZ devices showing up soon, which are also Zwave plus devices. These seemed liked the simplest and most useful to install to increase the range to the far part of the house.

Is it just particular devices that are going to have problems connecting or anything that is Zwave plus? I noticed that the Smarthings Hub isn’t listed as Zwave plus certified, the staples and wink hubs are the only one’s showing on the zwave alliance website.

Don’t know if anyone has successfully paired a Z-Wave plus device yet. Let us know if you have any success.

I have paired the gen 5 door sensor from aeon.

Any luck with the heavy duty smart switch? I’m guessing it can’t be paired because it supports more then 18 command classes:


Mine appears to pair but shows up nowhere. Here was the reply from support the end of November.

Hey Matt,

It looks like there are going to have to be firmware level changes to support these devices. The good news is that progress on that has already started and we have a variety of these devices to test for our certification processes.

Could ST provide a timeline for supporting Gen5 devices as indicated in Matt’s post? Not knowing Gen5 devices were not supported, I tried installing an Aeotec Gen5 Recessed Door Sensor and could only have the hub recognize it as a Z-Wave device. It could not identify the type of device. Thanks.

Here is the community device type for the gen 5 recessed door contact

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Thanks, Greg. This is my first attempt to add a custom device. I’ve added the code and created a “My Device Type”. I then added the device in “My Devices” using the newly created device type. It appears the “Network Device ID” is an arbitrary unique number of my choice. Please correct me if this is incorrect. What I can’t seem to understand is how to pair the physical contact sensor with the configured device within the IDE. Normally you pair the sensor by activating the search function within the ST mobile app. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks again!

Add the device via your phone like you would any device. If you’ve already added it exclude it first. Once you re-add it, it should use the custom device type you’ve created if not you can change it to that device type using the edit option.

It works! Awesome! I had read that it had to be configured within the IDE if it was a custom device type. I really appreciate your help and Greg’s!

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@jabbera which gen 5 sensor from aeon did you link to your ST? i heard people having issues with aeon door/window sensor gen 2 and was wondering if you have these sensors?

Note it has a different model number then the gen 2.

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I hate to bring this back from the dead. Are the gen5 devices now working? Wanted to make sure before placing an order.

@mattjfrank did you ever get this product to work? Heavy Duty Smart Switch from Aeon. I’m interested because of my dryer also? Thanks.

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Since Gen5 needs a key to encrypt Z-Wave mesh communications, you need to pair near the hub. And when you relocate the device to its final location you need to run a Z-Wave repair. Otherwise, SmartThings support should be able to get you up and running.

@JDRoberts do you have a FAQ on Gen5 and SmartThings?

Thanks for the feedback. I was able to get a Aeon Labs Aeotec Gen 5 Multi Sensor going last night. It seems a little slow to go between detecting motion and detecting the lack of motion. Not sure if it’s the sensor or the pulling interval etc etc. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00S68NUSW?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00