Aeon Labs Recessed Sensor; How did you install?

I just received the Aeon Labs Recessed door sensor, Gen 5. I’m excited to get this bad-boy installed as right now my Schlage (for the last two years) has been auto-locking every 30 seconds and it’s getting really old and annoying!

With that said, the instructions state that I should install the electronics side into the door itself, then install just the magnet in the frame. However, a co-worker of mine stated in their experience, you should reverse this as door slams could potentially be too much impact for the circuit board transistors. He claims that in time, he has had transistors pop off on the electronics portion of his exterior mounted DOOR sensor, thus rendering it useless. So he is telling me not to follow the instructions and the mount the electronics piece in the frame and the smaller, magnet piece in the door.

What do you think? How has your experience been with the electronics side in the door?

I have one one these Aeon labs recessed sensors installed in an outside gate - it’s been there for about 3 months now - it’s the main entrance to our house - so used at least 10 times / day.

It must get damp (it’s very wet in the UK) - and the gate looks pretty wet right now.

The gate often blows shut (with some force) - I see that one of the screws on the latch has started to rip out.

But the recessed door sensor is still working great, very happy with it.

HI, I am looking at these as well. Please let me know how they work. I was thinking of installing them with the main part in the door frame just so that, as your friend mentioned, don’t get slammed several times a day. The door to the garage, the fire rated door has a spring in it to keep the door closed and tends to slam more than the front door.

How large a hole do you have to drill, I would be interested in that as well as how your experiences go.

I too am interested in this subject. I’m about to install a bunch of 6 of them at a house in France. The main part needs a 19mm hole, 65mm deep, the magnet a 19mm hole 15mm deep.

just re-reading the instructions on mine sourced through a Belgian web vendor. It says to install the main sensor in the door frame.

You can install them either way. There’s no functional difference as long as your door and frame are both wood.

I have them installed both ways in my house.

I have a few of these. I installed the sensor in the door frame and the magnet in the door. Mainly because these are exterior doors and the doors are wrapped in metal and I thought there might be signal issues.

Another thing that happened with at least 2 of these for me is that upon pairing they only report open. Excluding and re pairing it a few times solved it for me.

I use this device type

I’ve gone both ways depending on door. 1.5 years in and everything is still working.

Thanks for all of the replies! I’m installing it in my front door, which is a fiberglass/wood door. So in that case, does it truly not matter?

Good to know about the device type. I never had to do a custom device type before - whats the proper method? Do I sync up the device then change the type in the IDE? Or do I add the device type, then sync the device?

It truly does not matter, as long as neither your door nor your door frame are made of metal.

I was thinking of getting these for my new ST setup I am trying to do, but all my doors are UPVC so unsure if these can be fitted into these? Anyone done these into upvc?

As long as your doors have solid UPVC rails (which I can’t imagine they don’t…) there’s no reason you can’t install recessed sensors in them. UPVC doesn’t block RF.