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Nice! I don’t frequent Lowes that much, but do they put them in a Clearance section like Home Depot does with big Clearance signs on top? or do you have to go look in their regular designated shelves and just look for the yellow tags?

No dedicated clearance section at my Lowes. Hunt and forage.

Same here there is no clearance shelf in any of the Lowes.

Around me there are clearance shelves at most Lowes and HD. It’s typically an endcap or a table/cart in the big middle aisle halfway back through the store. Ask an employee in lighting/electrical if they have a clearance area.

Same here. Locally my HDs have a dedicated clearance section. My Lowe’s doesn’t except for electrical stuff. Recently managed to get some deeply discounted gfci outlets, some presence sensor light switches, and a roll of 14/2 Romex that looked to have been returned. Also got a Honeywell remote fan switch with the wall mount section and handheld remote for $14.99. Didn’t know how good a deal that was until now that I want a second one, I can’t find one for less than $40 on both eBay or Amazon.

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Use code CES15 on your next MySmartBlinds.com order for 15% off. Limited time only.

These blinds appear to be Bluetooth only. Is there a way to integrate them with SmartThings?

I’m looking for a coupon or a good deal on this device: A quality smart wireless recessed door sensor with motion, lux, and battery status, that does not itself light up in any way. Recommendations as to brands, are also welcome. Thanks in advance!

I want a Rainbow Unicorn that drops bricks of gold.
I have never seen nor heard of a recessed contact sensor that detects lux, motion or has any lights.

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How could a contact sensor that’s recessed into a doorframe detect motion and lux?


Ha ha that was so funny about the unicorn! Yea, I want one too! OK, here’s what happened:
Last night I was searching this fine community for “recessed door sensor” and landed here:

There’s where I saw people writing about a “red light”, meaning, the sensor stays hidden but a red light flashes (so it’s not all that hidden, which is why I’m seeking a recessed door sensor that doesn’t light itself up).
Here’s a quote from that webpage: “Completely hidden other than the red light.”

I kept surfing and landed here:

Then I kept surfing and landed here:
That’s where I found out about “lux”. I was really too sleepy and I made the wrong assumption that Aeon recessed door sensors measured lux. Sorry - I’m a newbie.

It appears Aeon does make a door sensor that measures lux, but not a recessed one of course.

So I guess recessed door sensors can only report that the door has been opened or closed, and the battery status. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Does anyone know of a brand that doesn’t light itself up? (And tips on coupons/good deals on recessed door sensors are welcome of course.)

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I still think the best option is the unicorn.

If that’s too expensive, monoprice sells a recessed door sensor that is not all Las Vegasy, AFAIK.

it also goes on sale fairly often.

The light is in the sensor, so will only be a flash to indicate a trigger and only visible when the door is physically opened. You are not going to have a flashing red light on your door.

Here is the link to the monoprice recessed door sensor, currently on sale for $16.99

Someone please post link to the z-wave unicorn, my daughter would love that :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone! I’ll buy the Monoprice Z-Wave ones - question solved. Gallons of gratitude! :blush:

You’ll find smart gear on Monoprice at good prices frequently, and if you aren’t familiar with them, they are a very good vendor in general for good products at good prices.

If you do a little searching here, I believe you’ll also find a thread (or two) w/some tips about installing these recessed contact sensors.


We’re all new to at least some part of this at some point.

The cool thing is to see how your brain opperates…combining as many sensors as possible into a single device for the sake of efficiency, etc.

If I could have my way, I’d produce a line of smart devices that have every sensor in one device, along with every radio.

Each sensor and radio could be independently managed (i.e. if ya don’t need motion or zigbee in that location, turn those features off).

The only options to choose from when putting the smart devices in your cart would be size, and shape.

Oh ya, they’d only cost $10-20. lol

See, you’re not the only one.
Our ideas aren’t bad. They’re just not practical…at least not yet…

Apple TV 4K (hardly used) with remote. If interested DM me. Nearly Half price. And couple of amazon dots.

Please post a video review of install and if it actually works with your existing doorbell wiring.


Good luck with that, just another spammer posting a bunch crap with referral links.