Zwave - how to create event that wakes up device/requests battery?

In a custom device, I’m not understanding how I would craft an event to send to myself to get the device to wake up and report its current state (including say battery level)

I’d be doing this in a method called from a tile.

Not sure it’s even possible, but if it is I’d like to figure out how to do it.

Are there any standard Z-Wave Devices with this or similar refresh behavior? I seem to recall seeing this in some Device Type, but forget which one.

There’s lots to page through…

I was looking too, didn’t find it. Basically working off the zwave door/window sensor - normally when installed they do the configured() thing

def configure() {
	], 6000)

I want to do something like that - except actually fire the event, without the long delay?

Jabbera did a wake up for battery on the aeon recessed

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