Aeon recessed door sensor gen 5 device type

Still nothing. I see the red light on top of the sensor change…but nothing in the logs.

I’m going to order another and see if that one works for me. Thanks for all the help.

I finally got around to updating the device type that includes battery reporting. One started reporting immediately at 100% The other is reporting null value. and wasn’t showing state changes, always open like sparks reported.

I reset the sensor to factory (hold button 20 seconds) and re paired it - the first couple times it paired it still wasn’t showing battery or closed states. 5th try it paired and seems to be working fine. Sparks I would suggest you try to pair it again.

Jabarra - both my sensors are reporting 100% battery which I find suspect. have you seen your values change? Thanks again for the device type!

I have not. I’ll update the code to put an event in every time battery is reported. That way at least we know the reporting is happening. Accuracy is obviously a different question.

I haven’t seen my battery values change, but I had a fundamental misunderstanding about how this device worked. I’m re-working the device type now to be much more robust. I’ve also been adding and removing them on a regular basis and 1/10 times they don’t pair properly. I’m going to put something on the device type to indicate if the pair was successful or not. I’ll also have it report the battery percentage at every checkin even if it doesn’t change. That way you can be assured it’s working.

For those interested in the gory details. Battery powered z-wave devices are not always listening for z-wave messages. (locks and other beamable device excluded) You set them up to wake up at an interval (11 hours by default). When they do they send a message to the hub saying: Hey I’m awake! This is where we need to check the battery. It’s only awake for about 10 seconds so you need to get all your work done then. If the smartthings cloud isn’t fast. We miss the wake up notification and there is no battery check until the next time the device wakes up. You can force a wake-up by holding the z-wave button for 8 seconds as well.

Don’t hold your breath on me being done any time soon. I’ve got an 18 month old that keeps me pretty busy and I can’t do this type of work on the train to\from work. Just providing an update.

No problem! Mine are working fine and the only reason they even work with ST is your device type! These are by far one of my favorite sensors so far. Completely hidden other than the red light. Thanks again.

Small update. Lots of logging. Battery life should report every 12 hours now. Once you update the device type, hold down the z-wave button on the sensor for 8 seconds till the light flashes. This will update the battery reporting interval and have it report in.


Could you try my new device type. It has ALOT more logging that would tell us if the device is operating at all.


OK…got past deleting the device type and adding it back but still nothing. My other sensor should be arriving any day. I’ll try both then.

I you can just paste the new code into the code editor.

Got the new sensor today and it works great. Must have been a bad sensor. Thanks for all your help with this.

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Where do I go to out in all that information. I bought three of these sensors and I’m very frustrated at them not working. Any help would be great. Thanks

updated. Still showing 100%. I’ll post if I see a change. Thanks again!

Where are you guys buying the new ones from? I don’t seem them for sale anywhere.

I got mine here


Looking at the steps you followed, don’t you also need to go into the IDE and find the device and manually associate it with @jabbera 's jabber:Aeon Recessed Door Sensor?


I pasted in the new code and I’m now seeing the device wake up every 12 hours and report battery percentage. The sensors I have were installed about four weeks ago and both of them are still reporting 100% battery strength…thanks

Mine still report 100 and I have been using them for a month. I’m skeptical of the percentage but I can’t do anything about the potentially bad reporting.On the other hand, this device probably doesn’t use much power unless you open and close the door alot.

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I have two of the previous generation Aeon recessed sensors and the one I used less frequently took a while before it listed battery less than 100%. I’ve had them since April 2014 and they show 68% and 86% battery. So I would assume they last two to three years.

Is this custom device type obsolete now or am I missing something? I just purchased one of these. I found this thread and created my device type. However, when I connected the sensor it registered as a “z-wave door/window sensor” and not the custom device type. I noticed that it seemed to register open/closed events properly so I didn’t switch the device type over to this one. It also updates the battery percentage (at least once, anyway). What else does this device type and/or the sensor do?

Can you check the model # on your device? The Gen 5 sensors registered as a Z-Wave device only and did not function properly without an updated device type. I checked the code for the stock sensor and it does not appear to be updated to support the gen 5 device.