Aeon Labs DSB54 recessed door sensor

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase the Aeon Labs DSB54 recessed door sensor (us version) I pursched one a few months ago and it works great with smartthings now I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve noticed Smartthing removed them from their site. Are they just so popular they are out of stock everywhere? Or did they stop making them?
Thanks in advance for your help

Don’t know anything about this seller, but seems to indicate they have more than 10 available:

I have two of these. I noticed one only has a the first battery event of 100% and the other has nine over three months, the most recent 97%.

Is anyone else lacking battery events?

Thanks for the link, however these seem to be Europe version.

Btw I don’t see battery level at all on the one I do have. What device type do you have yours set at?

“Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” is my device type for both.

My bad. I’m surprised I haven’t been burned by region specific Z-Wave.

I have my device type set to the same. Do you see battery level under things or the activity log?


Yes, I see it in both. I have the Android app, but regardless, it shows up in the IDE.

Strange, I have android as well. Maybe yours are an updated version… I’ll trouble shoot. Thanks for your input


Android app version 1.5.8. Hub version 000.011.00603.

Well I have same hub and Android version. Maybe my device is older? Guess I’ll find out if I ever find them for sale again

Does anyone know if they make a recessed door sensor that you can hard wire like the Schlage RS100HC that works with Smartthings.

I suspect they may be in for recertification, if you can’t find them for sale. Alot of these products are being recertified for Z-Wave Plus and the new SOC. We still have the old ones, the non-recessed ones, Model 04100, and will be getting the new ones after recert, but as of right now we don’t have them either. Be careful with sellers on E-Bay, we sell there too, but I often find alot of our competitors passing off EU devices as US versions when they aren’t. Thats where alot of the Aeon Labs SmartStrips came out last year as a Beta version but the sellers never told anyone they were buying Beta’s not the final certified product. We are the only ones who have the final product, DSC11, for sale right now.


You may have an older version. Aeotec tend to come out with newer models without obvious model or packaging changes. It can be frustrating when the change happens to make sure you get the latest and greatest.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the DSB54 sensors are not available right now from anyone as they are out for Z-Wave Certification. At present, they will not be available except as samples until they pass certification, so be careful where you buy them until such time. I will post back once I know more.


Thanks for your follow up on this. Do you have any idea how long recertification takes? Weeks? Months? Just curious. Thanks again for the information.

@Osstyn - wanted to let you know that the Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor is once again available in the SmartThings Shop.

Please note: there are very limited quantities available after which we don’t know how long it will take to get more in stock.

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Thanks Ben just now ordered one.

These sensors are great. I had one installed on my front door.

Unfortunately I had to send mine back to Aeon Labs because it wasn’t always sending back the close event. Their customer service is awesome.

Mine too wasn’t reporting battery.

I’m guessing the ST shop already ran out of them, as the link is dead.