Aeon Labs DSB54 recessed door sensor


You may have an older version. Aeotec tend to come out with newer models without obvious model or packaging changes. It can be frustrating when the change happens to make sure you get the latest and greatest.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the DSB54 sensors are not available right now from anyone as they are out for Z-Wave Certification. At present, they will not be available except as samples until they pass certification, so be careful where you buy them until such time. I will post back once I know more.


Thanks for your follow up on this. Do you have any idea how long recertification takes? Weeks? Months? Just curious. Thanks again for the information.

@Osstyn - wanted to let you know that the Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor is once again available in the SmartThings Shop.

Please note: there are very limited quantities available after which we don’t know how long it will take to get more in stock.

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Thanks Ben just now ordered one.

These sensors are great. I had one installed on my front door.

Unfortunately I had to send mine back to Aeon Labs because it wasn’t always sending back the close event. Their customer service is awesome.

Mine too wasn’t reporting battery.

I’m guessing the ST shop already ran out of them, as the link is dead.

Yes we are out of stock along with most (all?) other retailers. It seems Aeon Labs is unable to keep up with demand.

Any word on when these might be back in stock?


These finally showed up on Amazon again:

Well that didn’t last long. Gone again.

i gotta get some of these :smile:

In stock on Christmas eve:

Ordered on Christmas eve, just arrived. :smile:

Edit - Anyone find a successful device type to use for this? Z wave door window, smart sense open close and regular open close device types aren’t working for me. :frowning:

@greg Mine are “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” and they all work great.

Yeah that’s not working for me, are yours Gen 5?

Mine is not working either. Gen 5.

I’ve done some digging. This device is apparently using encryption. I’ve been debugging the device type mad finally stumbled across this.

9:47:00 PM EST: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: value for class: physicalgraph.zwave.commands.securityv1.SecurityMessageEncapsulation @ line 181

I’ve modified the existing device type. This works for me. No battery it seems though.

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For anyone looking for updates, please see this thread: Aeon recessed door sensor gen 5 device type