Aeon Labs Hidden Door Sensor

I have it in a hollow knocked down frame door and it works without a problem. Cant say much about its range, I have a zwave outlet 2 ft away from the censor.


It shouldn’t matter much whether the door itself is metal or not, but what the door frame is made of. Per the instructions, the magnet goes in the door, and the sensor goes in the door frame.

I suspect this is for two reasons:

  • The door frame never moves, so you’re not jostling the sensitive electronics every time the door opens, closes, or slams, subjecting them to wear and tear, and possibly premature failure.

  • You’re more likely to have a wooden frame than a metal frame, even if you have a metal door. (Two of my doors are metal, but the frames are wood.)

I suspect that if you do mount the transmitter in metal, signal range would be pretty heavily affected.

I was finally thinking about picking up a few of these but they are a little harder to come by now (amazon doesn’t have them, SmartThings doesn’t sell them anymore but TheSmartestHouse still has them) but it’s got me wondering why they suddenly disappeared.

Has anyone who uses these have any comments to share on reliability, battery life, etc…?

Since SmartThings stocked these but no longer do, I’m wondering if they aren’t that great in general or some other reason why.

I’ve been using two since April 12 with no problems. I notice their price shot up. I bought mine for $19.55, but they shot up in price since then. One place is now selling it for over $130.00.

I definitely will buy more when they get back down to a reasonable price.

wish I bought some earlier. I didn’t realize they were removed from the smart store. can anyone comment on why they were removed? supply or reliability?

@urman Any idea why Aeon Labs Door/Window sensor is not an option in the drop down list anymore? I’ve had the recessed for a couple months and was troubleshooting tonight why I don’t get battery status. Found this an another thread that mention to change it to Aeon Labs Door/Window but I can’t find it in the drop down and I can’t seem to find any published groovy code for it.

If I recall, it basically became a mirror of Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. So we rolled it into that.

I kinda wondered if that was the case, so I should contact support about the battery level not reporting?

I just bought two of these and paired them to my hub. Sadly it came in as a “Z-Wave Device” and doesn’t report any activity. The model number is ZW089-A. I tried to change the device type via the IDE but still no activity is reported. Can anyone help?

Thank you.

Assuming it is Gen 5

I’m having no luck adding the devices to ST. I Select to add the new device, then press the button on the sensor, led blinks three times, but device is not added. What am I missing?

Hub reset did the trick…devices added now.

Anybody monitoring this thread somehow set this up to monitor deadbolt status?

If you use the dashboard you can create a shortcut that will show closed/locked as one icon

Ok, can that magnet that’s being sensed fit over the end of the bolt in a deadbolt? I saw an instructable with an insteon sensor done as such. I wish I could see the device completely.

nope, just tried it 4321

Darn. I have a spacial problem with the deadbolt on my new back door, plus I don’t really need remote control. I just want to know if it’s locked. Any thing you’ve seen like that?

well you could maybe attach a open/close to the thumb turn that will register closed when locked. Might look silly. Even though you don’t need remote access in another thread it was mentioned that Target has schlage smart locks for $140, normally $200.

I guess the Camelot does have a smaller footprint. Maybe that would not interfere with the add on enclosed blinds I’m getting.

Same here. Was working fine and now won’t report any activity or open status. No battery level either.