[ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device

Just to let people know that I just published in my public channel a very simple and generic way to integrate devices that works with 0xEF00 tuya cluster.

It requires a little intuitive skills because the driver exposes a way to control tuya datapoints directly.


  • Support to some stock capabilities
    • switch
    • switchLevel
    • airQualitySensor
    • button
    • carbonDioxideMeasurement
    • contactSensor
    • doorControl
    • dustSensor
    • fineDustSensor
    • formaldehydeMeasurement
    • illuminanceMeasurement
    • motionSensor
    • occupancySensor
    • presenceSensor
    • relativeHumidityMeasurement
    • temperatureMeasurement
    • tvocMeasurement
    • valve
    • veryFineDustSensor
    • waterSensor / leakSensor
  • Support to generic tuya data types
    • boolean
    • enumeration
    • value
    • string
    • bitmap
    • raw

Known limitations

  • Can’t have 2+ components of the same exact device referencing the same datapoint

This is how your device will be detected if there isn’t any predefined datapoints mapped in the code.

This is how your device could be detected if there is predefined datapoints in the code

Invitation link

Details on how to use it


I’ve been looking for this, I’ll have a play.

Got my generic TUYA 3 gang switch connected with each switch as a child under the generic EFOO. Made my day. Great work @w35l3y


Share prints of detailView and the configurations you did to help others.

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This is great. Thank you

I’ll do it tonight, your morning.

Thanks for developing this driver. I’m trying to get my Tuya mmwave presence sensor to work with Smartthings. I’ve looked online for datapoints that others have used and came across this forum:

I used datapoints 102, 105, 119, and 141. After putting those in under the presence sensor the device still did not work. Any help you can offer to get this working is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all your hard work.

I found a bug in the driver that was expecting datapoints starting from 1.
I will update it. Thanks for letting me know.

EDIT: Fixed. You may try again by reinstalling the driver or waiting 12 hours.

Now, it should show up all datapoints found during pairing process.

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This driver doesn’t seem to work with smartthings wifi I installed the driver but when I search for new devices it does not discover it

Only for zigbee devices that use 0xEF00 tuya cluster.
If you are pairing a zigbee device, it probably doesn’t expose 0xEF00 server cluster.

I believe @Robert_Singh is referring to his smartthings hub model, which is the Wi-Fi mesh version. Not to the tuya Zigbee device He is trying to connect to it.

Hi, great work.
I have a tuya metter with ct. I add it. How i know what endpoint?

For my 3 gang switch i just guessed on data points 1,2 and 3 and it worked as 3 seperate child switches.

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Support this ground soil sensor

US $28.39 32%OFF | Tuya Zigbee Wireless Soil Moisture Meter Temperature Humidity Tester Plant Monitor IP67 Waterproof Detector for Garden Planting

Connect it properly before pairing it and the device should report some datapoints automatically.
Sometimes it doesn’t happen, you may try pairing it again.
Consider triggering physical interfaces with the device, like buttons, switches, sensors, …
Datapoints aren’t informed in the manual or anything. You will need to search on the internet.
Try to follow the steps I added in the “How to use” and let me know if you had any trouble.

Have you tried this driver for this ground soil sensor ?

Yes, it is working

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Share print of detail view and configuration to help others.

Toya soil sensor


@w35l3y first up great work on this especially with the datapoints now showing, it will make things a lot easier. Just out of curiosity I guessed my switch data points as 1,2 and 3 which worked but these do not match the datapoints found. Is this because they are not generic data points? Let me know if there’s an explanation or if you want me to try changing my datapoints to match the ones found, if it helps your work.