[ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device

Press the switches and they should show up in the list.
It shows all datapoints reported by the device and their updates.

Sometimes the device just doesn’t report some values.

Boom, there we go! Boolean 1,2 and 3 now showing. I’ll try these other data points after work…possibly power monitoring?

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No, probably restoring state or led state. I don’t know for sure.
Power monitoring usually is at another cluster.

Ok, I’ll take a look later and let you know if I find anything interesting. Late for work…!

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I tried using 1. It gets stuck on motion.

Sorry if my replys are delayed. Wife just had a baby so I’n in between feedings and naps.

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Quick fix. The code was expecting boolean for presence sensors but received enum.

I think I got it to work! Very basic functionality, but it shows presence when I move on front of it, and after leaving the room, it goes back to not present after about two minutes. I’ll keep experimenting with it, but it’s progress.!

Thanks again!

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Did you reinstall it ?
Have you tested it already ?
What was the result ?
I answered you that there was a bug.

EDIT: This message and the one below were moved from another thread. They are out of context now. @X0mbie device is working as seen above.

I did reinstall it and it does show the data points. Each time I enter them in under presence sensor it creates the child devices but they either show connected or present. That status never changes.

If I’m doing something wrong please let me know.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Hi, their is option adding humidity datapoint (percent)?

Master, you were able to install the Driver, but I’m having trouble inserting the parameters. Should I test the suggested combinations? or can I inform more than one parameter, separated by a comma? I appreciate your help

I will add in the next version :+1:t2:

What suggested combinations ?
You may inform more than 1 datapoints of the same type, just separate them with comma.

would these be suggestions? but should I only inform the code, without description and type?

Configuration Datapoint Description Type
Datapoints for switches 13 or 104 ? alarm binary
Datapoints for enumerations 21 or 102 ? melody enum
5 or 116 ? volume enum
Datapoints for values 7 or 103 ? duration numeric
15 ? battery numeric

only the numbers that identify datapoints
but first check the returned datapoints in detail view.
it will give you an idea of which ones to inform.

This is great work @w35l3y - thank you so much for your efforts. I have used your driver to get my Tuya Zigbee sprinkler valve working with SmartThings.

ZIGBEE Sprinkler Timer Work for Tuya/Smart Life (Single Water Timer),Smart Water Timer for Garden Hose, Up to 20 Gray : Amazon.com.au: Garden

Until now, I have had it connected via a Tuya hub.

Pairing it with your driver, it exposed this:

I was able to find on the internet what each of the datapoints is meant to do

1 Mode (time/capacity) Boolean
2 State (On/Off) Boolean
101 Last StartTime String
102 Last EndTime String
103 Cycle Count Value
104 Irrigation Target Value
105 Cycle Interval Value
106 Temperature Value
108 Battery Value
111 Consumption Value
114 Last Duration String

And mapped them accordingly in the settings:

I now have 11 child devices.

The temperature doesn’t seem to report anything, which is not an issue at all for me. I have no idea what the Cycle Count and Cycle Interval are meant to do, and when I go onto them, I get a message saying “Couldn’t get device’s status” - again, not a concern.

The Target time I had set when it was connected to the Tuya hub, and I can see that figure in the list of datapoints. But, like the Cycle Count and Interval, I can’t seem to update it from the child device tile. Not a massive inconvenience, as my programming of the cycles will be through ST routines anyway, but it would be nice to be able to set it, I guess.

Is there anyway of building a single device that has on/off on the tile, and the rest of the info in the detail when you click on it? Ideally, the tile would have on/off (Datapoint 2) , and perhaps the last run time (102). And when I go into it, on/off (2) plus show the previous start time (101), stop time (102), duration (114), water consumption (111) and battery level (108) - rather than them all being separate device tiles?


Yes, it is possible and is documented here:

It would require a custom presentation (as you want 2 states in the dashboard) and some custom capabilities (as there aren’t native capabilities for time, duration and water consumption, at least, not that I can remember now).

Where did you find your datapoints definitions ?
It is always good to have links to reference the source.


Thanks. I did look at that but it’s all greek to me. I’m not a developer, and don’t know what half of those terms mean.

At the end of the day I’m pretty happy because I can program start/stop times in ST, and track each cycle in the History.

I found the info by doing a Bing search on Tuya TZE200_sh1btabb, and after a few clicks (and one dead end) found this


Things are a little more easier now.

If there are any similar device predefined, you will be able to make the driver identify your device for similarity.

If the profile chosen match exactly with your device, then you won’t need to search for datapoints anymore, as it will use the same datapoints defined for another similar device.

Currently, the predefined devices are these:



Im trying to set a smart air box:

I get 5 datapoints, but i think that is necessary apply some formulas to have these values undestandable…

It’s possible? Any ideas?