Troubleshooting mmWave Sensors (all brands)

I can confirm the same behaviour - the mmWave sensors are very sensitive to strong electromagnetic fields, ripples in the power supply, etc, etc…

It may be a good idea if someone creates a new, dedicated thread in this forum on the different mmWave sensors performance, configuration, and troubleshooting. Currently, there are at least 15 different groups of Tuya mmWave sensors with probably 50 or more different manufacturers - all having slightly different behaviors. And for sure, there will be more and more Tuya-based mmWave sensors popping up in the future, so it is not possible for one developer to keep up with all these variations.

The Generic EF00 Device driver is a great idea and has a great implementation, providing a way for new Tuya devices to be supported in ST. But this is a collective work, where all users that have the particular new device can help all others with their findings and final configuration.


The following post is worth a read. It’s in a thread about a specific edge driver, so don’t respond to it there if you’re just troubleshooting placement or interference issues. Respond to those issues here in this thread.


The following thread is also worth a read, particularly for aqara mmwave sensors

Mmwave sensor question


Also, if you are unfamiliar with this technology, here’s a good place to start before you even begin to think about placement

Best mmWave Sensor to Use with ST? (human presence sensor/occupancy sensor)


I read several reports of the excessive ‘chatiness’ of this type of sensor and found, almost accidentally another approach. Its not for everyone I know but just to put it on record.
The LD2410 mmwave sensor from HLK can be bought very cheaply and pairs with any Tasmota capable chip. The interesting part is that Tasmota now bridges to ST with Matter and I have them now running perfectly as presence (seen as motion) sensors. And of course the sensor messaging is not bombarding my Zigbee network.
No exterior case, no zone functions etc but very pleased with them.