Roller Shutter Controllers (UK)

Maybe not by the manufacturer, but there is a stock driver for both Z wave and Zigbee that many models should work with. And another half dozen or so custom edge Drivers created by the community.

Also the community-created generic Tuya edge driver has a profile that will work with some of the Tuya models. (These are sold under many different brand names in the UK.)

[ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device

Were you just looking for recommendations for what other UK/EU members are using?


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Maybe @dotan_shai can help you with Tuya zigbee devices that don’t use EF00 cluster and work with my Zigbee Window Treatment Mc driver

For Z-wave I know that the fibaro walli Roller Shutter works with the stock Z-Wave Window Treatment driver and with my Z-Wave Window Treatment Mc the fibaro walli Roller Shutter, Roller Shutter 2 and 3 work

I do not have any and I cannot advise you on the operation of any of them

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I’m using Fibaro Roller Shutter FGR-223. @Mariano_Colmenarejo Z-Wave Window Treatment driver works great with that module.
You can buy it from Vesternet (UK store) or Amazon UK

This guy is UK based and used Zemismart retrofit blind motors. He integrated with Home Assistant, but I believe the community edge drivers might work for these if you check this thread