MOES Star Ring Button

Hi I’m new to smartthings and I could find anything about the “MOES Star Ring Button”

Does anyone know if this switch works fine with all 3 gangs in smartthings?
I just ordered one to try it, but I’m curios if anyone already has one of them and if it works with smartthings.

That is a Tuya device re-branded by Moes. Most Moes devices are. You can always tell a tuya device because the product description will say it works with the Tuya app or the “smart life“ app.

Most Tuya Zigbee devices use proprietary clusters which will require a custom edge driver from the community, and you may have to get the device, add it to your system, and then get the “fingerprint” to see if an edge driver already exists. Then You may have to ask one of the community developers to add a fingerprint to their edge driver, if there is a similar one. (Note that even two devices that look identical and have the same model number might have different fingerprints if they have different firmware. So unfortunately, you can’t really tell until you have the device and add it.)

So at this point, no one can really tell you if there is an existing edge Driver, it will have to wait until you get the device and get its fingerprint. It’s one of the drawbacks of Tuya devices. They have cool features and are very inexpensive so a lot of people like to try them, but they do typically require more research than other brands. :thinking:

I have one with 2 gangs and is working very well with driver from Mariano Colmenarejo → zigbee Multi Switch and Child MC.

But you need to check the device fingerprints. Mine have cluster 0006, drivers from Mariano work. But if the device have cluster EF00 you need try with driver from Wesley Menezes → [ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device


Tuya hub is necessary?

No. It’s still a Zigbee Device, and it can be connected to a smartthings/aeotec hub without using a Tuya hub.

However, it probably uses a message format which is not quite the same as the standard format that smartthings uses. That’s why it will need custom code. But we won’t know for sure exactly what message format it uses until it is connected to your smartthings network, and we can look at the data It is sending.