Tuya devices in smartthings all of them how?

Oké I love smartthings a lot of options but beqause I buy mine stuff cheap from Alie I connect a lot to tuya. Now I know that there is an option of making scenes in tuya with on and off. But that is not a long term solution. It keeps failing. Does anyone have already found out how we can work both better with each other? I mean maybe extra hub or zigbee stick anything?

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A quick search

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No clue what this post you linked is saying

If you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, then there is a way to link some (but not all) Tuya Zigbee devices to that hub and use them in smartthings that way. That’s what that code is for. However, if you do that, they will no longer be available in the Tuya/Smart Life app and it’s not all devices. So it works for some people but not others. :thinking:

The other possibility for the future is that Tuya is going to have at least one hub which is able to be a “Matter bridge.” Once that is released and smartthings adds support for it you should be able to add the Tuya hub to your smartthings account, and it will bring some of its connected Wi-Fi and zigbee devices along with it. That would allow you to use the devices in both the smartlife app and the smartthings app. But it won’t be all devices or necessarily all features of the devices you can bring in. And that option is not available yet.

For now, though, if you don’t have a smartthings/Aeotec hub, the scenes option is the best we have. You can try both the Tuya app integration and the Smart Life app integration— some people find one works more reliably than the other.

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I have a quit a few Tuya WiFi and Zigbee devices that are mostly integrated with ST. At one point my second location was exclusively Tuya, but is currently mostly through the ST app.

Lets start with few questions?

  1. Are you talking about Tuya WiFi or Zigbee devices?

  2. Do you have a Tuya Zigbee hub?

  3. Do you have a SmartThings or Aeotec hub? If yes what model do you have?

  4. I am assuming you are using Tuya Tap to Run automations (scenes) to integrate with ST. While they are only one way integrations I have found them to be very reliable for plugs, switches, bulbs, etc. This method is no good for sensors (contact, motion, water, etc. The problem I see is if a physical switch is operated or the Tuya app is used the ST app gets out of sync.

The following is a dated link of how I do this integration:


Oké thnx already for replying, I got the smartthings hub v3, got aqara devices working so that’s a good thing. But now I got some plugs that are shown in tuya smart app and not in smartthings app, I know about the function of making a routine in tuya smart app that it will transfer to smartthings but is there an option to make 1 option of two routines of tuya. For example. I have a plug I make a routine with on and off. I see them in smartthings then what?

Maybe this guide will help


holy shit guys, i made the virtual switch with the routines and it worked, now i can connect the virtual switch to a button wauw thnx


It is been a while since the last post here.

I have following solutions for the problem

1.) Virtual switch in ST triggers an Alexa routine for the device ( device must shown in Alexa )

2.) Of course the officiall integration ( gives not all devices )

3.) The Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device edge driver. Gives the possibility to add zigbee devices in smartthing ( without tuya app )

4.) A Tuya Matter hub like tuya smart wired pro gateway. Can used as official tuya Zigbee gateway. Than connection via matter to ST. Brings all connected zigbee devices to ST. I use that for example for my thermostat from Hama

This are all the ways I know hiw to connect tuya. I think most of the devices are shown now in ST.

Of course some devices , like my wifi kettle still an not in ST.