[OBSOLETE] Media Renderer Events, play messages, radio stations, tracks, sounds

This is the release form Radio Tunes Stations, Now your house can welcome you with a good music from Radio Tunes, More than 200 Radio station , sure one will be your favorite.

This smartApp allows you to set some event and hear a message, sound, a track previously played and of course a station From Radio Tunes, Jazz Radio, Rock Radio, Digitally Imported.

Radio Tunes, Jazz Radio, Rock Radio, Digitally Imported (Before SkyFm) have more than 200 stations and its free, you must to sing up to get the key to allow smartthings to play.

Example Radio Stations : Alternative Rock,Ambient,American Songbook,Baroque Period,Bebop Jazz,Best of the 60’s,Best of the 80’s,Blues Rock,Bossa Nova,Café de Paris,Chillout,Classic Hip-Hop,Classic Motown,Classic Rock,Classical Guitar,Classical Period,Classical Piano Trios,Club Bollywood,Contemporary Christian,Country,DaTempo Lounge,Dance Hits,Dave Koz & Friends,Disco Party,Downtempo Lounge,Dreamscapes,EDM Fest,EuroDance,Halloween Channel,Hard Rock,Hit 70’s,Indie Rock,Jazz Classics,Jpop,Lounge,Love Music,Meditation,Mellow Jazz,Mellow Smooth Jazz,Metal,Modern Blues,Modern Rock,Mostly Classical,Movie Soundtracks,Mozart,Nature,New Age,Old School Funk & Soul,Oldies,Piano Jazz,Pop Rock,Reggaeton,Relaxation,Relaxing Ambient Piano


Hi, I have added a multi-selection stations, if you are tired of hear the same station each time you get home, now you can select several stations and choose the play mode: loop, random or shuffle, each time an event trigger the action it will play different station, try it

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Hi, Now you have more than 200 stations from Radio Tunes, Jazz Radio, Rock Radio, Digitally Imported and I have updated the custom message to add wildcards

Hi @ule, I installed your mediaRenderer_events app. I’m wondering if there is a way I can specify to have a specific file played on my DLNA server from it? How would I get the URL? The Sounds and notifications you have in the app all go out to amazon cloud for playback which takes a long time. I’m trying to see if I can get something more responsive.

Hi @Patrick_Callahan, DLNA is not the fastest way to play music the DLNA servers take much time to deliver the track. I suggest you to use a local host to publish your mp3 sounds , an old android phone can be your web server and publish your music and sound files, I think is the fastest way without going to internet.

All the tracks played from dlna server are saved in track history, you can access them in “Play this track” section from the smartapp, it going to show you the latest 30 tracks you have played in that speaker (the messages are not saved, just the tracks or radio stations) and you can select it to play when an event occurs,

I can try to make this tracks a permanent list to select them like a sound list, but I need to check how to clear the track that the user do not want to show.

Thank you for this.

Is there any way to stop and start the music using a switch. I have managed to start the music using a switch but when I switch off the switch, the music continues to play?

Thank you.

Hi @BristolBaz,
Can you stop the music in the device interface pressing the stop button? if you can the device works fine, The DLNA player its a switch, you can send off/on commands = play()/stop(), I think the problem can be in the way you link a hardware switch with the device switch, could you explain how are you sending the switch off to the player?

Hi @ule ,

I am just using a dummy switch tile and linking that inside your app. I am using Pure Jungo speakers and If I press ‘stop’ on the speaker control then the music stops.

Is there a better way I can just have one switch to start and stop the music? Or even a motion detection to start and stop it?

Thanks, Barry

Hi @BristolBaz, I´m working to add a stop() command to media renderers Events, I´m to busy with my job, but I hope to release this on weekend , by the way can you confirm the model of your jongo speaker works with DLNA media player device, nobody have confirm that speaker, thanks

Thank you again @ule your work is much appreciated. It is working with my Jongo T6X, S3 and S3X.

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Hi Ule; I still can’t seem to get TTS working even with this; I tried different combinations; mainly including Force Only External Text to Speech; also entered a API Key with Voice RSS but only certain phrases get announced (despite testing the non-working ones ok directly on Voice RSS demo page).

Also resume previous track isn’t working, but think this is a general Sonos issue; it will find some completely different track to play; and even then; it starts the track from the beginning rather than pausing it :frowning:

Hi @ule, I’ve been using your radiotunes app for a bit and it’s pretty good. Thanks! I am wondering if you can put in a setting which allows you to turn off the station being played after a certain amount of time. That would be cool… Also, the volume setting in the app doesn’t seem to work with the cobblestone device - but the volume control does work in the connect app you have. For example, I want it to play some soft music at say 20% volume for 20 minutes when I get home, but I don’t want it to affect the volume of my dog-barking sound alarm - that needs to be loud. :smile:


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HI @BristolBaz, I have updated the smartapp now you can set some trigger to stop

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Hi, sorry a typo in las update, now is fixed.

Thank you for your donation, James, I really appreciate it

Thank you very much for this code, it works perfectly. I am not a big fan of Radio Tunes and looked for a way to add my own radio station. My favourite is Radio Paradise which is just a m3u link so I customized the code to allow the input of any custom station.

Under “Action” I added “My Radio Station” and a section stating “Play Specific Station URL”. This will allow you to play your own station that is not Radio Tunes. For example, I add: http://www.radioparadise.com/m3u/mp3-192.m3u to this section and the station plays.

ULE: Perhaps this is something you may want to add beyond my simple tweak? I just wanted to share something simple to the community. Thanks again for all your hard work



Hi Xtropy, Great idea, I´m going to add your code in next release. thanks

Does this work thru a sonos speaker?

Hi @Derrek113116. I must to work, I have not sonos speakers, but some users have help to get compatibility. try it and feedback.

Perfect! Thank you for this. Now when somebody walks into the grotto it starts playing the Christmas music channel and stops when they leave!

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