Grouping/Ungrouping Sonos Players?


I just want to basically group and ungroup my sonos speakers from SmartThings.
Is there any smart app that could do that ?
If not, how can I learn the UPNP command for grouping/ungrouping Sonos speakers ?


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There is a smartapps that lets you use multiple DLNA speakers at the same time. I think you need to update the Sonos device type though. I don’t know how synchronized music will play… Maybe worth a try…!

Actually I am not looking for a device type to play synchronized music.
I am just looking for a way to group and ungroup sonos devices.
I will handle playing part with some other method.
I just want to be able to group and ungroup speakers with one action.

how/where can I getthis information ?

Look into Zone Player Manager. Think this might give you what you are look for and more.

where can I find that ?

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Thanks. That’s a nice app which I will try.
But I’m afraid it does not meet my requirement.
I want to group/ungroup specifically Sonos devices.
Then I will use their features like playing Spotify as source.

If there’s a way to feed Spotify as source to the virtual music player of Zone Player Manager , then it would help.
But there’s no way of integrating Spotify with SmartThings as far as I know. Am I wrong ?

So, I am still looking for a basic smart app to group/ungroup Sonos devices.

And grouping has to be through Smartthings and not the Sonos native app? I apologizes if I am not understanding. And maybe SmartTiles might help but that would have to be researched.

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yes. I want to use ST to group Sonos devices.
Because, Sonos native app only works when I am connected to home network.
I want to use it when I am not at home. So I need ST to reach my Sonos devices.
Unfortunately I can’t find a commend to group /ungroup Sonos devices in ST.

Any more ideas on this ?
there seems to be API commandds for Sonos here:

I’m looking for the same thing. Seems like a key thing for anyone w/ SmartThings and more than one Sonos player.

For example, party mode. Is there another way?

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actually I still believe there must be a way to call grouping ungrouping commands of the sonos interface without using a middleware javascript engine.
but noone has come up with a real code…

Ever find anything more on this? Desperate to find a solution to this myself.

I am interested in this too.

many users are interested but no developer is…

Sucks. I want this badly too. My issue is that I want to use my playbar to play both music and TV. That works fine if I go to the app every time. I don’t want to do that either. Using Alexa used to work to play music on sonos, but since adding my playbar, there is no way revert to the recently played music. If I turn on sonos when it was recently playing the tv, nothing happens. Through the sonos app I can ungroup the playbar for tv, which isn’t ideal but is doable, but I can’t group the regular sonos zone to the playbar automatically when playing music. Not with sonos, harmony, or smartthings. Weak af.

The work-around for programmatic speaker grouping I found is at where you can set up a raspberry pi or similar to allow calls to the Sonos API. I’ve got mine running, but trying to determine the best way to integrate it with ST; rather not send calls over the extranet. On this topic specifically, you can issue a command like /living room/join/kitchen to add to a group and /living room/leave to drop from a group.

I’m running the Sonos API on a Raspberry Pi in my home and it works great. You can setup Presets to group speakers, set their volumes, play a playlist, etc. with one click of a URL. If there was a way for SmartThings to call a URL (no need to see the response) this would be the ticket. I have a button on my ActionTiles page but it sucks because you have to click the Back button after seeing the response. (And in kiosk mode there’s really no such thing.) So yes, simply having SmartThings scenes or automation being able to call a URL would be the ticket. Anyone have thoughts on accomplishing this?

More than a year since you asked, turnepf, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents in case anyone comes back to the topic.

Webcore lets you send web requests. It could go to a local raspberry pi running something like:

You can use virtual switches to run Webcore commands form ActionTiles. Create a virtual switch and add it to ActionTiles. When the switch changes state catch the state change in Webcore and send a request to the rasberry pi running the Sonos HTTP API. This would let you play/pause and group/ungroup devices directly from ActionTiles.