Smartthings - how to stream local radio with sonos


I have a sonos speaker PLAY:1 connected with smartthings.
what i’m trying to do here is to use an existing smart app to play a local radio (e.g. when there is motion play local radio)

I tried using sonos mood music smart app - configure - determine my speaker - press next - play this track
up to here, the page was show me: “no device to connect”

anyone knows how to trigger my sonos speaker to play local radio from smartthings?

*i managed to play the local radio directly through sonos app - so means the feed and connectivity to the radio station is fine.

Thank you,

Nothing here ?

I also want my DLNA speaker to play a specific radio channel.
Can`t see to find any solution :\


This is how I managed to add “local” radio to Sonos through SmartThings.

  1. In the Sonos App, select the speaker you want to control and play the “local” radio station using TuneIn.
  2. In the SmartThings App (while Sonos is playing the station)
    A. Go marketplace
    B. Smartapps
    C. Music & Sound
    D. Speaker Companion
    E. Control-play/stop…
    F. Select Play
    G. Select Speaker
    H. Choose what to play
    I. In the list you should see the local station you hit play in step 1.
    J. Select motion
    K. Select your motion sensor
    L. Select any additional triggers or more options
    M. Hit Done

That should cover what you were describing. The key to me is that if I don’t play the station to the speaker in the Sonos App first, you don’t see it on the list to be selected in the SmartThings App.


This app just doesn’t work for me, as soon as I tell it what music I want it to play it crashes the whole app :cry:, in fact it doesn’t even list the music just hitting that tab crashes it, any help would be appreciated.
I am using Spotify through a Sonos system by the way.