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RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)


I am using Private Dancer with a Samsung S2 hooked to a soundbar via audio jack.

Play Weather Report is working fine, but playing sound when something happens isn’t. I am using Ivona and it was working fine until yesterday.

Here is the log -
925b8511-e819-4de1-b490-a20fadcac442 3:38:33 PM: trace Exiting takeAction()
eb1058f9-a72d-456a-8e31-ab376eb4bac4 3:38:33 PM: trace previous notification in progress or Do Not Disturb Activated
74b780c8-7980-4bb4-967d-18af838a8d2b 3:38:31 PM: debug params: [ts:1462217872584, stateID:1462072948035, _:1462217780799, access_token:XXX-XXX, appId:74b780c8-7980-4bb4-967d-18af838a8d2b, param1:ping, action:[GET:executeSmartAppGet, POST:executeSmartAppPost, PUT:executeSmartAppPut, DELETE:executeSmartAppDelete, OPTIONS:executeSmartAppOptions], controller:smartAppApi]
80c64255-6ecb-4b67-bf7d-d999bb7ea3ff 3:38:31 PM: trace getPhrases(), state.welcomeIssue = null
80c64255-6ecb-4b67-bf7d-d999bb7ea3ff 3:38:31 PM: trace getPhrases(), state.welcomeIssue = null

I’ve also tried different modes, and still receive - “previous notification in progress or Do Not Disturb Activated” , but when I go back to Play Weather report it plays the weather without a problem.

Any suggestions? Thank you!


Has anyone tested this on the uk? Version 2.0.1

I’ve followed the instructions…

Smartapp doesn’t appear on my mobile device
The device handler doesn’t add unless I create in the ide.

Before spend time looking at it, wanted to check its not a know issue for uk smarthubs.

(Simon) #566

This works great for my HEOS by Denon speakers. I can control them with play, pause, next, volume and so on.

One question: Is there any way to send specific playlists or radiostations to the speakers? Or is it only possible to control what ever the speakers are playing now?
And I mean select a different playlist (a preset) directly from ST. Not using a separate mobile app or anything.

(Ule) #567

HI @highSky, What app are you using to play sounds? you can try [Updated] Media Renderer Events, play messages, radio stations, tracks, sounds

(Ule) #568

Hi @Richierich, Have you installed before an smartapp? you must install the smartapp and device handler using the ide (uk) and after , you must install the smart app in the ios and android app, from marketplace-smartapps , are you saying you cant seen the smartapp in the marketplace ?

(Ule) #569

Hi @simonselmer, the smartapp is a basic control point, you cant search or create playlist o it, but if you have a MeidaServer like PS3 media server you can create a virtual folders to use it like Containers, once you play a container with your advance control point, smartthings save the url and you can use it to play it after some events, your MR must to support containers, but I think the HEOS can, try to use [Updated] Media Renderer Events, play messages, radio stations, tracks, sounds


Hi ule
I’ve added drivers and modified some devices and I’ve added smart apps in the uk ide before.

What is happening is the smart app isn’t seen in the marketplace for me to install.
I see the device in the mobile app if I make my device in the ide but obviously the device doesn’t work.

I’ve tried a few times but this is a brand new problem for me I’ve not had before so don’t know where to start.

(Ule) #571

Hi @Richierich, I known its from newbie , but have you publish the smart app? Its very strange you can not find the smartapp in marketplace, maybe a bug in ST, but, could you install other smartapps and those apears in marketplace?, if you can install other smartapps or you have some smartapp already installed, you can edit the smart app and over write the old smartapp, and you can use the mediarenderer connect. try it

(Simon) #572

I have a MediaCenter PC currently have a Plex DLNA server enabled, so currently I stream Music from that a that.
But I would like ST to be able to trigger a specific playlist for a specific event.

So can Plex DLNA server be used, is that PS3 media server doing something difference I need to consider?

I’m rather new in this so I need to take it kinda step by step :slight_smile:


I should have clarified, and probably posted in that thread, but I am using Media Render Events.

I set up a new event with a motion sensor as the trigger, using Ivona Voice (with both Access Key and Secret Key). When an event is triggered the log shows -
eb1058f9-a72d-456a-8e31-ab376eb4bac4 2:19:14 PM: trace previous notification in progress or Do Not Disturb Activated

I tried again using Smartthings instead of Ivona and my log shows the same message - previous notification in progress or Do Not Disturb Activated

When I use Speaker Weather forecast, with a switch, via Private Dancer, the speaker plays with out a problem.

(Ule) #574

Hi @simonselmer, First, try to read the first post to know about control point, containers are folders in a dlna server, and the server manage the songs by index, in this way the MR can request the next song without control point, this kind of folders are like playlist, I known PS3 media server can have folders with shorcuts , in this way you can create a folderlist with the shorcuts you want, and launch the folder by ST.

Of course your MR must support containers, MR events have a track option, to send the track from a list of songs you have played before and have a PL prefix to show its a container, if you launch that song you are launching the complete folder.

Its very important to read and understand the firs post.


@Ule - so I stripped the device, smartapp and device type out and reinstalled again from scratch.
And still it isn’t showing in mu apps.
Now I’ve solved it!
Stupid and obvious… I had reset the ipad with a secondary account not the primary account! So it was working but you can’t see myapps because they are only visible on the primary account.

Yep as I said earlier, I have written and modified a number of device handlers; granted not a smartapp but about to write my first one to access my solar panel inverter. But I need to packet sniff the inverter packets because the manufacturer doesn’t know if you can pull the info from the web interface! (Chinese manufacturer and I guess it is lost in translation).

Thanks for the help.

(Simon) #576


About creating those “virtual folders”. Do you know if Plex is also able to do that, or is that a special functionality that the PS3 Media Server have?

At first glance, they are both “DLNA servers” right, so does PS3 server do something extra over forexample Plex DLNA server?


Hi - thanks for providing this code - it’s saved me a bunch of time and money. I have a question about slow custom message notifications - I went through most of the posts and noticed some people have asked about it, but no one seems to have a solution.

My setup right now is I have an Amazon Fire tablet as my DLNA speaker (using the full paid version of BubbleUPnP) playing through Bluetooth to the Echo. The Amazon Fire tablet is still using FireOS (not rooted) When I open and close the door, I trigger a custom message through the Sonos Notify With Sound Smart App. Everything works great and the messages are played - the only issue is that it takes 5-8 seconds for the message to come through the Echo.

Any suggestions on how to shorten the delay? Thanks!!

(Ule) #578

Hi @simonselmer, I dont known if plex can make folders with shorcuts, I have tested PS3 Media server and works, you must test plex.

(Ule) #579

Hi @aeroshark, the device is generic dlna , I have added some delay in actions to avoid crash a slow hardware speaker, but software dlna is quicker, if you know how to change the code I suggest you to remove the delay, it will be faster, In next release I going to add a option to remove the delay by unit.


Thanks! I can read some code and make adjustments, so I’ll take a look now that I know what to look for!

(Simon) #581

I’m experimenting getting Radio stations playing on mu HEOS by Denon speakers, and it works, almost.
It seems that it does not set the volume that I write.

But if I try to do the same using the official “Sonos Mood Music”-thing, that can also play the radio station and it sets the volume correctly.

Any idea why your code cannot set the volume on my speakers?

I just write “20” and in 20% volume. I assume that is all I have to do. Write the number.

(Simon) #582

Hi. I have installed PS3 Media Server and I’m trying to figure out how to create Virtual Folders. I dont see it as an option in the application, and when I dont find anything instructions in their FAQ or by googling the topic.
Can shortly explain how to create such Virtual Folders?

(Ule) #583

Hi @simonselmer, Just search ps3 media server playlist, its easy, create your playlist as m3u file and put in a folder, the server recognize the playlist.
ex. myFolder --> myPlaylist.m3u
In DLNA media control you will see your MyFolder option with your music selection.

Remember to read the first post to know about containers and control point.