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RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

(Ule) #316

hi @plantucha, Sorry about Private Dancer, I have not release the new update with the patch for private dancer, tomorrow morning I will post it.

(Ule) #317

Hi, I have release a Radio Tunes integration with SmartThings, Its great to play music when you get home.

You must to update your dlna player device type and add the smartapp

(Dean Smith) #318

I just want to say… You are AMAZING!!!

You’ve saved me a lot, and I mean a lot of money! Thank you!

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(Ule) #319

Hi @deano12, I´m glad to hear it , If you can share your experience with your mediarenderer I will appreciate it , I want to increase the list of confirmed media renderers

(Dean Smith) #320

I’ve just replied to the thread, BRAVIA KDL-42W829B (Sony TV) works great!

(Ule) #321

Hi, I have added a multi-selection stations for mediarenderer events smartapp, if you are tired of hear the same station each time you get home, now you can select several stations and choose the play mode: loop, random or shuffle, each time an event trigger the action it will play different station, try it

(Vic Singh) #322

can someone do a youtube video to demo and a how to setup guide?


Is this working in ST ver 2? I couldn’t find the way to add a device manually from code now in the IDE since I moved to ver 2… This was a really useful app for me.

(Patrick Callahan) #324

I can confirm that the Muzo Cobblestone device works with your Generic Media Renderer! The problems I was having earlier were due to a new router being installed with my new service provider that didn’t handle UPNP traffic. I tried to enable it but couldn’t get it going.
Now I need to update to your latest version of the player code, but I’m wondering how I can use this to do things other than play music from my DLNA server. What I want to be able to do is to trigger a specific sound (like a dog barking or a siren sound) based on some other events. Anyone done this?

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(Mike) #325

Sorry to bother you @ule. Did you release update? I still can’t discover private dancer.

(Ule) #326

Hi @Patrick_Callahan, You need to install any smartapp to send events to Mediarenderer/Sonos you can try “sonos notify with sound” you can find it in your smart app in music and sound section , or you can use my new mediarenderer events, you must to install it from code

(Ule) #327

Hi @plantucha, You don´t bother me, Private dancer and other software Mediarederers don´t send the LastChange events like hardware Mediarenderers, this cause the status not to be accurate, I´m working to increase the refresh rate in this mediarenderers, today I´m going to update the connect and device

(Ule) #328

HI @loz, I don´t have the ver 2 hub, Someone can confirm the IDE to install smartapps and Devices works in V2 Hubs?

(Pizzinini) #329

IDE to install smartapps and devices works exactly the same for hub v2 as it does for hub v1 (only difference is the “manage my hub” page that has more info and utilities)

(Ule) #330

Hi @pizzinini, Thanks for your donation , It´s the fist donation I receive it, Thanks a lot.

(Jon Rohan) #331

Not to get off topic but how do you like the Muzo? I was looking at these to stream my music over two floors/4 different rooms.


@pizzinini I can’t seem to add a new device from code anymore

(Pizzinini) #333

I think you want to add a new “device type” from code. not a “device”.

(Mike) #334

Either you got 2x donations in same time or you just gave credit to wrong man :smiley:

(Ule) #335

Hi @plantucha, Thanks for your donation, I´m glad you like the project, Thanks a lot for supporting it