Voice Alert?

Hi @unni, You can add any new sound to the app, just need a url where the sound is available, just install this smartapp or copy the Sonos notify with sound and change this lines

input “sound”, “enum”, title: “Play this Sound?”, required: actionType == “Sound”? true:flase, defaultValue: “Bell 1”, options: [“Bell 1”,“Bell 2”,“Dogs Barking”,“Fire Alarm”,“Piano”,“Lightsaber”,“name of your new sound”,“name of your new sound”]

and add this one

case “name of your new sound”:
state.sound = [uri: “the url of your sound”, duration: “10”]

You need to have a url where your sound is reachable, local or on line.

Or better, if you have a android upnp monkey acts liske mediarenderer and server, you can share all the ounds inside the andorid and expose to smartthings to use it,