Sonos to play specific radio channel in the morning

Hi - I am fairly new to smartthings and i just recently set up my Hub.

I have seen numerous articles related to setting up your sonos devices in a smart way - But i am missing a detailed run through of how i can set up my sonos to play a specific radio channel on my units at a given time of the day (even though i listened to something else the last time i used it)

Can anyone provide me with some information on how I can do this? I know the URL for the radio , but not sure how to implement it and where to do so. I need an easy step-by-step guide as previous articles requires a basic/fundamental understanding of the use of Device handler.

Thank you for your help!

It looks like it’s possible with a bunch of smartapps or if you have a harmony hub.


Thanks! I will have a look at the harmony hub and see if I can get it to work!

No doubt i am completely missing the point but can you not set up your Sonos speaker to play a radio station using the Sonos app alarm function ??
Sonos app
bottom of screen … more
New Alarm
Set your room
Music > My Radio Stations
Pick from the list provided assuming you have set some fav radio stations
Pick one
Select Ok
set all the other options to your prefered taste

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Sometimes an easy solution is the best solution. How did I miss this? Feeling somewhat embarrased, but hey - Now I know! Thanks Fido - for pointing out the obvious… :smiley:

No probs blobby, dont forget if you want to shut the station off just tap the button ontop of the speaker and to resume tap same button, again obvious but only of you know the option is there

Yes, fortunately I was aware of that !

Did you look at the Media Renderer Events app? I have not used it in a while but last I looked it included the option to play a large number of stations/genres:

Why I can’t find Sonos app? there are posts from 2017 that says its been removed from smartthings, however this thread is fairly new, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen before, but I didn’t have the speaker then.