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Hi all,

I am new to this forum but I hope that someone might know something regarding this topic.

I know that I can set up voice announcements and various sound alerts with the Sonos integration but has anyone found a way to start playing playlists through ST? I would for instance like to have a “Dinner mode” in ST with selected lights on and my “Dinner music” playlist streaming from the Sonos speakers.

Thank you in advance for any input!

I thought we could do this but just tried and it will only let me play single tracks from what is in the current sonos queue. Hopefully someone knows the answer as I would love to have this too!

You can play a playlist or radio station using the Sonos Mood Music SmartApp located in the SmartThings Labs category. Play it first from the Sonos app and it should then show up under the available music sources within SmartThings.

Thank you Tyler, I can however only select one track to play.I did the following steps:

  • I played through a playlist on my Sonos app
  • I created a new mode called “Italian Music” in ST
  • I then created a Sonos Mood Music to trigger when mode was changed to “Italian Music”
  • Choosing to play on my “Sonos Livingroom”
  • Clicking the “Next” button and arriving at “Select a song” screen
  • On this screen I can select the last 20 songs that I played on Sonos but not the entire playlist

Do you have any idea what I have done wrong?


Hi @Magnustengborn, no need to play through the entire list, doing so actually pushes the playlist out of those available in the SmartThings app. Instead, just set the playlist to play in the Sonos app, stop it after a few seconds. At that point it should show in the SmartThings list!

Hope this helps, enjoy!

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Hey @ronnycarr and @Magnustengborn
I was struggling with the same thing and think I understood what you’re suggesting, Ronny, but I don’t have the option of selecting a playlist, just songs that are in the playlist. In trying this out, I selected the first song in the playlist and it just started playing the playlist. While that’s not as elegant as I’d like, it can work as a Labs device.

Ronny, are you suggesting that you have to visit/set up the queue in Sonos each time to make it work properly? If not, If don’t understand what you mean by

Since I was a little confused by what you were suggesting, I decided to do some more testing.

So I wanted to see what happened if I picked a song that was not in the playlist and that’s where things got really wonky. I picked one song and it played the first song from the other playlist 2x in a row, but not the song I’d selected and the queue in Sonos now shows the playlist repeated at least 3x and the song I’d selected at the bottom.

What are you seeing happening with your Sonos queue and its response to ST commands?


I still haven’t gotten the Sonos to respond in any way through the ST/Mood Music. I started a Sonos playlist in my Sonos app and then paused and closed the Sonos app. I then selected “Mode change” as my trigger and selected “Play on Livingroom Sonos” (would prefer to be able to select several Sonos speakers).
Then I get to choose “Play this song” and only songs and not the playlist come up as choices. I selected one but still couldn’t get it to play when I changed the mode to the mode I had previously selected as the trigger.

I’m puzzled :confused:

When you play it from the Sonos app, are you doing the play action on a song in the list, or the list itself?

I’ve tried both to play the playlist without openingbit and also opening it and playing “all tracks”.

I’m having a similar issue with my Sonos.

I’m able to play audio that was predefined in SmartApps (e.g. barking clip); however, I can’t play Sonos Playlist or Tracks. Anyone else having this issue and found a way around it?

I’ve got the same problem. ST has been working for weeks to figure out a solution for me. No luck yet - but I’ll share with everyone if there’s a hint of a solution.

I have the same problem with my Sonos. I created a recipe using the smartapp that basically plays a playlist at a reduced volume when I set my mode to “my dog is home alone”. It finally got it to actually play, but it would only play what was last in the queue or the last radio station I had on. It does not play what I have programmed it to play which is a playlist. Has anyone made any progress on resolving? Is there anything of GIThub that folks have used successfully.

Anyone had any luck with this so far? My SmartThings just arrived, and when I go to select a song in Sonos, there’s nothing displayed. Doesn’t matter if I’ve set a playlist in the Sonos app, or just one song. Any help would be great.

Hey playong the song first in Sonos and then check in ST.

Having the EXACT same issue. This makes Sonos integration useless in my eyes.

Same problem… Occasionally I will see a playlist or a song that I have played, but impossible to figure out why. Nothing to do with having it queued in Sonos like some have suggested - at least not for me.

I have the same problem .i have tried all the possible solutions but nothing has worked. I bought the st to play music when I came home . Now after paying all that money I can’t even to that

Play the entire playlist on your sonos using ST and see if it appears after that and I am not kidding. Test it once with a small playlist for all us in this community and let us know.

I’m keen to learn a solution to this also. I was able to make specific tracks available, but have been unable to coordinate triggers for specific stations via Tunein.

Hope a solution emerges soon!

I can get anything to show up when trying to select station or track, keep getting “no available option”