Current State of Sonos Integration?

Long time ST user, first time Sonos. As with @MarkusJ just trying to make sense of where things stand in simply having a sensor trigger playback of a specific station/channel/playlist in Sonos. No legacy apps here, but the only options I see in Automations > Speaker Companion > is play/stop/pause/skip, notifications, and weather reports. There is no equivalent of the Sonos Mood Music that was mentioned in older posts and the raw code I found online Sonos Mood Music is, not surprisingly, not functioning.

Spent a couple hours installing/configuring the Media Render Events SmartApp as well, but that only appears to link to specific radio subscriptions versus the ones listed inside of the Sonos app.

As of 2019, how are you all managing to trigger specific services from SmartThings on Sonos?