Laundry Monitor for washer that does not drop to zero (most of the time)

Ahhh I gotcha so it’s not working at the moment with your Sonos because TTS isn’t working anymore (or to be more precise the ST textToSpeech fn is throwing an UndeclaredThrowableException). I think @slagle mentioned somewhere in a thread they now have a TTS engineer working on this so hopefully within a few months there will be some progress made.

I’ve been following a bunch of the threads related to alternatives but not great results from any of them because most if not all are still attempting to use that broken textToSpeech fn. I now @ule took the approach of using other sources for the conversion of text to mp3 file such as google but I haven’t taken that route yet. There is also Big Talker by @rayzurbock (which is the most sophisticated and flexible) and even several alterations to the original “Sonos Notify with Sound” app that I’m currently using because of there selection of already cached sound files such as lightsaber, dogs barking, etc, however those urls can be easily ported into any app I suppose to make it custom.

I have provided all the links below to the ones I’ve been following if it helps out!

Big Talker by @rayzurbock

Media Renderer by @ule

Sonos Notify with Sound Modification by @cuboy29

Sonos Miscellaneous

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