[RESOLVED] TTS Not working (May 2016)

Right back where we were this time was last year.


add one more for TTS issues! I was waiting till after the hub update and reboot to complain. Mine has not been working for a couple weeks.

We have identified the issue and will be testing a fix soon. I will update the thread when I know more.


Found this thread after trying different things and asking in different threads. All of my voice announcement does not work anymore.

You know, every time I’m having family/friends over and I’m excited to show my ST setup off, something BREAKS. I want to say last night was when I noticed my TTS suddenly stopped responding.

HI, you can use a TTS alternative, this function was created when TTS fall months ago, but still works very weel, you must to sign with voicerss or ivona , but its better than nothing,
You can use too the mediarendere events app , it has the tts fix installed, but you need to add your keys from voicerss or ivona, the alexa voice works without key but is slower than others, but the voice its the alexa echo voice, you can ask all the things echo answer like “tell me a joke” etc.

Having the same issue, no TTS. Glad I am not the only one.

Why silence from Smartthings on tts not working?

I will get an update to this thread tomorrow. I am tracking this bug internally.


Thanks Jody

Thank you Jody :+1:

They are trying to send it out to everyone’s speakers… But… Well… You know…


With the update, the TTS stop working!

TTS is back up and running.


Yes for me as well.

Whooo hooooo me too!!! :tada:

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Same for me

I found out this was working when a test alarm I made ages ago went off at 11.30pm! Glad it’s back

Mine is working too!!

TTS is back!! yeahhh