SmartThings Text-To-Speech for Sonos (playText) not working?

I remember someone from ST mentioning that they are working on overhauling their TTS feature. I hope that overhaul fixes it and does not break it even further.

Up until very recently I was using my Ubi for all my voice announcements. Once I got Echo I was looking for ways to phase out my Ubi and rewrote my “Goodnight” app to use TTS.

Unfortunately it looks like I might have to switch back to Ubi until this gets fixed.

I know that ST has a lot going on all the time and this is surely just one issue, but I do think it’s a relatively big issue because it’s one of the ways that helps being HA to a more comfortable level. If we’re getting voice announcements of events rather than push notifications or text notifications this makes it feel more familiar and means we don’t need to stay glued to our devices when at home.

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That was me, and we are. No date yet. Trying to get a scope for this then I’ll have a better idea.


this would be awesome…

Glad I found this post as I was going mad as to why messages such as ‘Welcome Home Michael’ would work but ‘Welcome Home Mike’ or ‘Welcome Home Jenna’ wouldn’t! - just getting exceptions thrown.

I take it there is no more update to this but I’m going to add my name to the support ‘list’ as it’s ridiculous this isn’t working…in the meantime I’ll have a look at the workarounds posted above…

Hi @Mike_Turner, You can use a mediarenderer events, its like sonos notify with sound but with some fixes, you can use an alternative text to speech, try it

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Thanks Ule; I’ll give this a go and then move on to solve all the other issues that are riddled in this integration (missing lock triggers, presence sensor issues, Sonos resuming completely different tracks from what was playing…) - moan over…for now :wink:


@slagle Any update on the TTS issue with SmartThings? Its been just about a month since your last update. Do we have any idea on how soon it’ll be fixed. I’m $1200 in with Sonos based on Integration into SmartThings, and the TTS is one of those very handy things to have. Thanks in advance for any update or info you can provide here.

Still the same status. We have selected a TTS engine and are working on that. Thank you for your patience but once we get the details sorted out TTS will be permanent.


You can use Yonomi while ST is nailing this down. Is not as robust, but it gets (some) jobs done.

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Stringify supports TTS through Sonos via SmartThings as well.

Is the Android version out yet?

I’m having custom TTS that I set up post ST caching suddenly working.


Wow, I was just able to add a custom Sonos speech to text app. They might have fixed TTS!!

From you lips to developers ears… please :slight_smile:

I can confirm TTS is fixed. I just used Rule Machine to run a custom Sonos command also.


Yep TTS is working here also, What i really want next is to change that annoying US voice for a UK centric, preferably Male voice a.k.a. Jarvis

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So in every app I have using this (Mainly Rule Machine) It works perfect except in the kitchen. The kitchen TV is listened to over a Line In Source from another Sonos device. For whatever reason the source doesn’t get put back to the Line in. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

Known issue, and it’s because the Sonos doesn’t report the fact that the source is line in. If you search the forums for Sonos Playbar, you’ll find details.

Thanks. Frustrating for sure :slight_smile: I put our outside/moveable Sonos 1 in the kitchen today to get around this. Going to have to do some playing but I think it is broke till Sonos makes a Line able to be added to a playlist or favorite.