[OBSOLETE] HomeSeer HS-WD100+ and more (Simple DTH in post 27, advanced feature DTH in post 32)

So I’ve been keeping an eye out for HomeSeer’s homegrown light switches and dimmers for a while…they are finally in Z-Wave Smart Dimmers, Switches & Fan Controllers | HomeSeer

The are competitively priced and offer 2/3 tap scene control…now for my question:

There is this disclaimer at the bottom of the order page…(IMPORTANT: HS-WD100+ and HS-WS100 provide instant status feedback and double-tap, triple-tap, press & hold functionality using the Z-Wave “central scene” command class. The feature is supported by all HomeSeer systems, including HS3 software and HomeTroller controllers. If you’re using another brand of controller, be sure to check with that manufacturer to see if the central scene features are supported.)

I couldn’t find anything in the forums that said if ST was “central scene” compatible…is it? They seem like pretty awesome switches if you believe their comparison chart ( http://homeseer.com/compare-z-wave-dimming-wall-switches.html )
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Very exciting news, I think these are some of the first post-lutron-patent switches. We can add the “instant-status via central scene” feature to the default device handlers, but to make use of the other tap patterns it will need its own device type that maps those to the Button capability.

We don’t do central scene in the normal Z-Wave way but we can interpret the commands in the device handler like any other event.



Excuse my noobness but who typically creates the device type, ST Staff or User-developers?..I’m more of a copy-paste coder haha

Either or both. :sunglasses: And if a community developer creates a device handler it can then be submitted for official publication.

There are a lot of community members who enjoy developing new device handlers and are happy to share them with the community. Or if you want to try writing your own, you can also get a lot of peer assistance with that. Or you can just add the device to the “suggest a device” topic and hope that SmartThings staff get around to it eventually. Your choice.

edited to include @duncan 's correction below

I’m updating this because I posted a comment about the older double tap method which depends on precise timing, but @duncan rightly pointed out that this device instead uses different central scene numbers for the different tap patterns, which should work with both cloud and local architectures. :sunglasses:

My thanks for his correction.

I’m assuming double tap and triple tap send different scene numbers, which would make it usable unlike the double tap using you’re referring to that just watches for two events close together.

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Good point! I’ve corrected my post above. :sunglasses:

Thanks for all the answers guys! These switches/dimmers might be exactly what I’ve been looking for

I found the email promotion for this if anybody wants to see the one-sheet listing all the models. I agree, these look promising. :sunglasses: (Clicking on the buttons on the promo will take you to the homeseer.com web store.)

There’s a video as well showing the double tap. It has a very audible click, which I personally like for double tap devices, but some people might find annoying.



The click sounds just like the click I get from my GE/Jasco switches

Very nice looking switch. I would love to develop a device handler for this if I can convince myself to spend any more money. :wink: I already have all Z-Wave switches so a purchase would be just to play with.

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So, without a custom device type, would the switch have at least the same functionality as a GE switch and be instant reporting?

Does anyone know if the switch currently works out of the box with basic functionality?

Probably not–it’s using the Central scene command set, and SmartThings doesn’t automatically process those scene numbers. So I think it’s like the popp switches, you’ll need a custom device handler to be able to use it, at least the double tap features.

It would definitely need a custom device handler for the instant reporting.

What is the popp switches?

The Popp switches are a battery operated device available in the UK (but not the US) which also uses the central scene commandset. A community member was recently able to create a custom device handler for them so they could be used with SmartThings.

That device handler will not work with these new homeseer switches, but the approach will be similar. The specific button patterns will be different.

So the popp switches are just an example of a zwave device using central scene commands which was able to be used with SmartThings after a custom device handler was written. :sunglasses:

I have 2 currently installed (did it over the weekend). They pair just fine as a dimmer - you don’t get any of the fancy double/triple tap things, but you can control the dimmer portion from smartthings without issue.


On the switch description, they also mention “Programmable LED indicator”. Anybody know what that means? In an older Control4 system I have (slowly replacing with ST) they have LEDs on the switches that we can control (in Control4) to be different colors reporting out different system states - such as Alarm arming readiness. I’d love to find a switch that we can control the LED too.

Thus with what @brainiac744 mentions (on/off/dim), it leaves

  1. double and triple tap and
  2. LED control

Any device type folks willing to try?

Normally in this device class “programmable LED” Means a choice of:

LED is on when switch is off and off when switch is on


LED is on when switch is on and off when switch is off

And sometimes a third choice.:

LED is always off.

But I’m not sure exactly what this one does.

I have a WD100+ and WS100+ on order and would be happy to take a look at a DH for this. I certainly hope that this won’t stop other more experienced ST developers (or someone with a bit more free time) from doing something here though.

I’m fairly new to the ST API, but quickly perused the capability reference docs. Is there an obvious implementation for double and triple tap, or any suggestions on the best capability to use like Button “push” for double, “held” for triple…?