New Leviton In-Wall Dimmers

The manual says Hail is supported, so it would support Instant Status like the VRMX1. It also has a full list of Parameters listed in the manual, something I haven’t seen for the VRMX1. And it’s a Z-wave plus device.

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look like they remove the info on z-wave alliance webpage

I decided on standardizing on Homeseer HS-WD100+ Dimmers for the foreseeable future, and dumping the few VRMX1 I already have. The single, double, and triple tap recognition along with Z-wave plus support at under $50 sold me on them, and the simple design means I don’t need to explain how to use normal switch functionality to visitors (Like the VRMX1 sometimes required).

Weirdly, all Leviton devices are missing from the official site right now. I assume that’s a glitch while they were getting ready to switch over to the Z wave plus models.

I am thinking about doing what you did. What DH do you use and where do you get Them? Homeseer direct?

Here’s the homeseer discussion thread with the DTH:

Note also that two community members have said that the switches are noticeably slower than their other Z wave switches, but other community members seem to like them.

I haven’t received them yet, but I’ll be doing extensive testing shortly. and both carry the dimmers, as well as direct from Homeseer. Homeseer will give you a 5% coupon if you add the item to your cart and let it sit overnight, or 10% off if you own the Homeseer program ( I don’t plan on it at this point ). Homeseer also apparently has some black friday discounts, but I don’t want to wait for that.

Dragon Tech dimmers were the same hardware as the Homeseer dimmers but they ran different software. There was apparently a way to reflash Dragon Tech hardware to Homeseer software, but it doesn’t really help now since Dragon Tech has disappeared and stopped importing more hardware. The 2016 dragon tech switches actually had the multi-tap recognition built in, but good luck finding any of them at this point.

I already run the phillips bulbs that Homeseer recommends and apparently don’t have the dimming issues, so I should be set on that end. I guess I’ll be the guinea pig on this one and test it’s latency against my Leviton VRMX1, but I don’t really expect double or triple tap commands to be instant because with smart things it will all be running in the cloud.

Note: Homeseer has already released one firmware update to their switches this year that fixed a bug and adjusted the dim rates and how they can be tweaked. This review mentioned it a bit:

I like that they have shown a willingness to update their dimmer firmware and add requested features. Just keep in mind you’d need a $40 USB z-wave stick from them to do it since you need to use their Homeseer software (the demo will work) to do the update. And you’d need to temporarily remove the switches from Smartthings and add them to Homeseer to install the update, so it’s not a perfect situation.

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Their still not in the z-wave alliance webpage.

anyone know the ETA on those Z-wave Plus switch from Leviton?

The older generation Leviton devices have reappeared in the database:

As for the zwave plus devices, you could write Leviton support and ask them.

I ask Leviton and they say in coming months.
That so vague :frowning:

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They maybe waiting for stock of the existing model to sell down. That happens with the really big companies.

GE/Jasco has said theirs will be on the market in December. If they are, Leviton will probably follow very shortly.

GE Z-wave plus out already:

Cool. Amazon doesn’t have the GEs in yet, but hopefully Leviton will follow soon.

I’m still waiting for my official Homeseer dimmers to arrive, but I did notice that as of 10/20/2016 there is a “new” Dragon Tech switch on the Z-wave alliance page. It looks like the same old switch with a new firmware. They are listed as in stock at zwaveproducts so I ordered a 3 pack of them testing.

The Dragon Tech still has the same specs as the Homeseer switches, and the 10/20/2016 versions appears to have the “new” direct association feature that Homeseer said they would be releasing an update for.

This makes sense since the Dragon Tech switch is listed as running firmware 5.15 on Z-wave alliance while Homeseer lists 5.14 as their current version.

I’ll have to play around with cross flashing them as updates come out.

I didn’t want to keep cluttering up this thread with Dragon Tech / HomeSeer switch information, so I posted my review of the switches in the HomeSeer thread. I’ll be continuing to report my findings there.


Strangely, I saw one of these in Home Depot today, but can’t find it on their site. At least they exist now.


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I also found them in-store at Home Depot. Decided to pick one up to compare with my Homeseer/DragonTech and VRMX1 dimmers I have now.

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These are finally showing up on the Z wave alliance product site again. Interestingly enough, the manufacturer for the zwave plus devices is shown as “Leviton,” while the manufacture for the older zwave classic devices is shown as “Vizia” even for the nonVizia models.

I mention that, because it means that if you are looking at one of the older zwave classic models and you click on “other devices by this manufacturer” you won’t be shown the Z wave plus models.

FYI, this is my first post ever!

I bought a few of the GE Z-Wave dimmers based on thewirecutter’s rec - they were the runner up but I saw no need for the Z-Wave plus features and they were easily/cheaply available. Anyway installed them and got a pretty loud buzz from my LED bulbs. Tried replacing with multiple other bulbs and while some were quieter than others, all made some noise. Read some other posts on here that said the GE dimmers tend to do that.

Anyway, was bummed because I was having trouble finding any of the Levitons in stock at HD or Lowe’s but lo and behold I just found 12 of these new DZ6HDs on the shelf at my local Home Depot (in Tustin, CA). It doesn’t show up on their website, and YMMV, but they may be starting to show up in store. I’ll try to report back when I have them installed and set up.

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Do you have the neutral wire connected to the switch and are the LEDs dimmable? I have LEDs through my whole house and GE dimmers and never get buzzing.