3-way Dilemma Leviton or Linear for Kitchen/Living area. Instant or Not?

Different switches have different features and different people have different preferences. The following the thread discusses some of the different features by brand:

Instant status

Most people don’t care about instant status but the ones that do care a lot. The two most common use cases for why you would want instant status are:

One) it just bugs you when the status in the smartthings mobile app is five minutes behind the actual switch status. Again, this doesn’t bother most people, because by definition you just used the switch on the wall and you can see whether the light is on or off. But for some people, this makes them crazy.

Two) from a more practical standpoint, if you’re going to have turning on one switch trigger other events in SmartThings then instant status is a real advantage. For example, if you want turning on the kitchen switch at the wall to also turn on a light on a different circuit altogether. Or if you have a switch which is intended to turn on a light and change a mode and start some music playing. If your switch doesn’t have instant status, again, it can take a few minutes before SmartThings gets around polling it and Detects the change. More typically it’s a few seconds. It’s long enough that you notice the delay, but not necessarily long enough to be annoying.

If you like instant status, there’s a brand-new line of switches from homeseer that not only have instant status, they also support double tap and triple tap. Some people really like this feature. It’s commonly used when you have multiple lights in one room, again typical of kitchens, and you want to use one tap to turn on just one light, and the double tap to turn on all the lights in the zone. Of course double and triple taps are not intuitive for guests, and a lot of people don’t ever use the feature, but in some homes it’s very practical. :sunglasses: :bulb: