Double tap misfiring randomly?

I installed the smart app that’s fairly native called double tap.

When I woke up my house was well lit! Reviewing the log I see a ton of events where it fired but no one was awake.

I have setup double tap to only fire off 1 switch when pressed.
A quick search yielded nothing besides a few different versions

Any help is appreciate!

Much discussion of this issue in the forums. For the last few months, the double tap smart apps which depend on measuring the time between individual taps as received in the cloud account just don’t work reliably for most people. The cloud lag time is just too variable to allow for the precision required. In addition, there has been a problem where polling of some switches was reported as a physical event, causing the switch to turn on unexpectedly.

all in all if you need the double tap functionality, you’re probably better off choosing the Homeseer switches which use a “central scene” command set instead. With these models, it is the switch itself which counts the timing and then send command to the hub with the code indicating whether it was a single tap, double tap, or triple tap. Because only a single command is sent, there’s no lag issue as far as counting the taps.

Thanks very much!

Sucky part is I bought 20 switches but guess I backed the wrong horse. :confused:

Add another random misfires at odd hours do to double tap. Can the double tap be pushed to run local on the hub please. Or can someone convince GE/Jasco to add this to their switches, similar to Homeseer (firmware is suppose to be upgradeable on gen 5 devices). Or someone could figure out a real cool hack! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if I bought the Homeseer switches, is there an equivalent double tap that would work?

The GE switches don’t capture the double tap at the switch. The smart apps are trying to time it in the cloud, which introduces a lot of uncertainty.

The homeseer (US) and the Devolo(UK) work differently. They are using the Z wave “central scene” Commandset. This captures the double tap or triple tap at the switch and converts it to a button code, then sends that code to the hub. So no cloud latency issues. :sunglasses:

If you need double tap I would go with one of the switches that supports the central scene command set right now.

don’t try to time it in the cloud, make smartthings time stamp the event so accurate timing events can be captured; or push the double tap to run native on the hub…

understand the “central scene” command set.