UPDATED 10/7/2015 -- "Double Duty" - Use redundant switch presses to control other lights. You paid a lot for those switches, make them work Double Duty!

@pizzinini I’m also seeing this every 15 min. I had to restrict the app to my maitenance mode to stop it. It was working great for a long time too.

You may need to go into the IDE and turn off search for child app see:

Looks interesting. If I ever start purchasing switches, I’ll definitely check this out. That said, I would not want a scenario where I have to explain to guests (or to my wife! lol) that you need to double or triple tap, but not too fast, and not too slow, on THIS switch to operate THAT OTHER light. It would be the sort of thing I’d keep to myself. Smart design is intuitive, and if I need to spend five minutes explaining to a guest the proper way to operate the lights then it’s not intuitive.

I use a guest mode for this scenario…where nothing will work and it’s all manual like any other house.

Hey, you are out of luck. They broke the device handler and you won’t be able to use the app. The polling is firing device/physical events, so double duty and any other app (Smart Lighting in my case) sees that as an on or off event, so it fires accordingly to the rule. One work around for me was to change the zwave device handler to the dimmer switch in ide. But that may not work for double duty. Support submitted a bug report, but I won’t hold my breath that it will get fixed any time soon.

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You might also consider a new alternative that just recently came on the market. Previous switches did double tap by having the controller try to precisely time the interval between the taps. What you put the cloud into that mix, it gets really hard to hit the target precisely.

The newer alternatives are Z wave switches which are using the Z wave “central scene” command set. Instead of trying to time the interval between two taps, they are sending a different code number from the switch to the hub based on whether the switch was single tap or double tap. Much better precision, which is why many of these switches can also do a triple tap. :sunglasses:

In the UK, you will find this option in the battery powered Popp and Z wave.me devices.

In the US, they are in the mains-powered HMS100 line, and I expect to see them in other brands in the next year or so.

Some community members have recently created device handlers for both of these.

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So this app is essentially DOA now?

Is this app no longer operational ? If so is there an alternative ?

Based one the previous statement and me watching live logging I don’t see how there could be a replacement. Watching live logging the smartthings platform now reports a device event every time it polls the switches. So when the system polls it reports that the switch was turned off, the way the app is written it sees that as a redundant press and acts on the event. So every poll of the switch the light you have configured would toggle on or off…

However, the newer devices that use the Z wave Central scene command will still work for double and triple tap because the device is sending a specific code number to represent those events.

Also the new HomeSeer series has instant status update, so you shouldn’t need to do any polling of it. :sunglasses:

I know that doesn’t help if you want to use double tap with existing switches. But if you’re looking for new devices there will be some new options with double tap functionality.

True but alot of us are using the ge/jasco switches and they don’t have that functionality so we are SOL. This was a change on smarthings end with the last update. Looking at my logs I could see where the polling started reporting a physical event vs just status.


Just to clarify… I was looking for the “double duty” (press off when switch is off or on when switch is already on) functionality, not the “double tap” (2 taps within 1 sec).

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My setup still works with a GE in-wall switch from Lowes using the built-in device type. I sometimes have to press it twice, but in general it works ok for us.

Dan will you please explain built in device type ?

Whatever device type SmartThings chose when I added the switch as a new Thing. In other words, I did not create a custom device type in the IDE for the switch.

If I remember correctly, some folks had to use a custom device type because some switches didn’t send the off or on event if the switch was already off or on.

Mine works as well. GE 12722 switch operating a secondary hue bulb. Wait 2 seconds for on or off, works 90% of the time. However, if I dont use it for a while, the less reliable it is.

I am at a loss I removed device, then re added. Switch will work however every fifteen minutes it will turn on or turn off the light I have set to the double tap.

Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this ?

See above starting at post 62. I don’t know if a fix was available.

how about zigbee switch? does it use similar signals?

The Zigbee switch feom GE will not work with Double Tap or Double Duty