Any device that can be used to turn all lights on/off, cycle through light configs?

I am planning on replacing my recessed lights but I’d like to be able to control the light setup and cycle through them with a physical switch. If possible, it would be nice to have it just like a normal switch but have an additional button or action that could trigger an action/smartapp/etc.

Is there such a device?

Sure, there are some, but the first question is whether you also want to control the same physical load with the button controller. That’s a little less common, and at present The simplest choice for this set up would be the Leviton VRCS4. It comes in two different models, one that does control a load and one that doesn’t.

Another option would be to use a single on/off/dim smart switch that controls the load, and right next to it put a battery operated button controller. Remotec makes a nice one that has eight buttons, and each button can be tapped, double tapped or long-held, which gives you 24 scene options. This is quite a small device, it’s about the same size as a regular light switch, just turned horizontally. Some people get the impression that it’s bigger from the pictures.

Then there’s also the new homeseer switch. It looks like a regular rocker switch, but has built-in double tap and triple tap functionality on both the top of the rocker and on the bottom. The switches were just released a few months ago and are Z wave plus, which is nice. However, there have been some community reports that they are a little slow in responding, maybe taking as much is three or four seconds to process the taps. Still, there are some community members who are very happy with them.

So there are some different choices depending on exactly what you want to accomplish.

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I have to say after using the Remotec ZRC-90 for several months I am a big fan of it. Looks great and consistently works. Battery life still at 90% as well.

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