Devices we don't have

List of items I’d like that don’t exist:

  1. Z-Wave Plus wall outlet receptacles (in wall replacement outlets)
  • ZigBee toggle switches (not paddle style)

  • ZigBee wall outlet receptacle

  • Micro dimmer controller for a fan and a light

  • Z-Wave Plus locks without keypad

  • Kevo style doorknob

  • Light switches that report hold and doubletap, not just push (on/off).

  • An Alarm Siren designed to be installed as 2 devices 1) Siren, 2) Siren Beep in order to avoid issues with it working inconsistently

  • Very small IP HD camera with IR that can be hidden or at least not so obvious that has an IFTTT channel that can report motion and sound events triggers as well as record video or take photo actions. Should have ability to record locally to on board SDXC card, LAN DVR, and to the cloud. Also an outdoor camera with same features.

  • Ability to use Echo for notifications without any bandaid workarounds

  • A repository for sound files we can download for our Notification devices (no reason everyone has to create their own “Front door is open” or “Mail is delivered” files)

  • Ability to have text notifications pop up on Samsung 2015+ SmartTv’s

  • Cheap WiFi Intercom

  • Audio/video Intercom Android app

  • Harmony Hub with Actions, not just Activities (be able to just turn volume up)

  • RGBW controllable night light that can be used for visual notifications

  • Device to let you know when your house loses power.

  • WiFi/LAN to Z-Wave bridge/repeaters - A pair of WiFi/LAN/Z-Wave Plus devices used for extending Z-Wave network very long distances to detached buildings. Basically Device1 would be installed within Z-Wave range of the main hub. Device2 would be installed in the remote location. The remote location would have WiFi or LAN that is on the same network as the main building. When the hub in the main building sends a Z-Wave command, Device1 picks it up and sends it to Device2 via LAN/WiFi where Device2 then repeats the Z-Wave command. If Device2 receives a Z-Wave command from a device in the remote building it would send it to Device1 via LAN/WiFi and Device1 rebroadcasts that command to the local hub. Ideally, in order to cut down on the number of hops, Device1 and Device2 would look like a single device on the Z-Wave network? Ideally, you would add an additional Device for each remote building. Ie 3 remote buildings would need 4 devices (1 per remote building, plus 1 for the main location), not 3 pairs of devices.


@TheSmartestHouse, ^ some ideas for you. :wink:

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Thanks Scott! We’re working on number 4. Z-Wave Plus Outlet is probably doable in the next few months to it. As for everything else, we’ll do what we can! :slight_smile:

I’m confused. A bunch of the items on your list already exist. Some of them would require that the manufacturer (Amazon for echo, logitech for harmony,) make changes on their side, and some of them aren’t devices at all but are software features.

So it’s really hard to respond without basically writing pages and pages. And getting way off topic for this particular thread.

Why don’t you start a new thread under projects called something like “devices and features I’d like to have” and then people can respond to you on all the different points and it will be OK if it takes 300 posts to cover everything. :sunglasses:

As for a zigbee in wall receptacle, there is the quirky outlink which some community members are using. It’s widely available.

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These exist. The homeseer switches use central scene and have tap, double tap, triple tap, and long hold. Zwave plus. A number of community members are using them.

Inexpensive android tablets or phones work well for this. Same principle as the baby monitor apps.

I need the toggle switch style, not the paddle style switch. I should have been more specific, sorry. I think I knew about these but didn’t realize they were compatible with ST.

There’s no RGBW nightlight, but there’s a night light with seven different possible colors, as well as a motion detector, that is quite popular in the community for notifications. The newest model is Z wave plus.

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You can also use either the hue LED light strip (with the Hue bridge) or the awesome lightify flex strip (connects directly to smartthings) for RGBW notifications.

This is pretty much perfect! Just wish it wasn’t so expensive. :frowning:

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I have used the FanLinc before and the fact it allows 3 different speed controls of the fan (low, med, high) and the fan’s integrated light (independent of the fan operation) makes it an ideal way of controlling all the original features of the fan. It is controlled via INSTEON RF. I would very much like to see either a comparable Z-Wave or Zigbee solution.


We have been watching this as a possible solution since May:

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How about the Stelpro Ki Thermostat for Electric Baseboards and Convectors? As long as you’re not trying to push any type of heater with a fan, it should work (radiant, baseboard…even hot water sub-floor…I hope:). I’m looking at trying one to control my hot water-heated floors.

How about the new Blink camera system…


@rontalley posted a link to the “Official” DTH, but you have to pay a community member to get access to the code.

There’s a free DTH and SmartApp that provides most of the basic functionality.

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The L-Series are available from Amazon for $495. We have 2. Love 'em

Plus 1 on swann. :blush:

Please see this method

You can add text to speech (TTS) using VLC Thing

And then use any smartthings sons app throughout your home.

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