[OBSOLETE] GE/Jasco 46203 ZW3010 Dimmer Switch

I wanted to start a new post on this switch as there are so many GE/Jasco switches out there, and they all work differently, support different features, and need different device handlers. The newest dimmer is the 46203 (also goes by model number ZW3010) switch- https://byjasco.com/products/ge-enbrighten-z-wave-plus-wall-smart-dimmer-quickfit-and-simplewire. This switch supports central scene control, which captures many more types of button presses then the old one, like triple taps, so it is different then the older switches. The stock Zwave dimmer works to control the light and dimming, but advanced configuration setting, association groups, and scene control, require a custom device handler.

Update - as of 1/4/2021 I’ve updated this dimmer DTH. Thanks again to @bradlee_s for the suggestions to update the button values. Based on his advice, I was able to make changes to this device handler to now work with the native automations screen in the new Smartthings app. This means you can now setup automations with this DTH for your dimmer switch with double taps without needing to use the smartlighting app or webcore. It will still work with those, but this is a much simpler option for people who don’t want to use webcore or a smartapp, especially for where smartlighting is not available . This is done by programming all the presses either up or down, to “button 1”, and using the new button values of “up_2x" and "down 2_x” which will be recognized by the new app.

A couple things though before upgrading, it is a “breaking” change for anyone that was using the two separate buttons, so any automation would have to be updated after applying the code update to use button one and either up_2x or down_2x. One other minor thing I noticed is webcore is behind the times and only lists pushed and held in its default drop downs, so you would need to do an “expression” and “up_2x” or “down_2x” to continue using the DTH in webcore. Screenshots below showing the change. Any feedback appreciated, or please report an issue on Github. PR’s also welcome for fixing any bugs. Several have reported it works and I’ll work on continuing to update it

Latest code available at link below, or import from my Github at mwav3 Smartthingscode master

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@mwav3 no guarantees that I can get to it tonight, but I will have feedback for you this weekend. TIA!


Thanks @Skates . No rush of course. I think there will be a bigger interest in these handlers when smartthings finally pulls the plug on the classic app, so figured I’d try and do what I can now. I have a feeling there are a lot of people just holding onto the classic app until the last possible minute.


I just today noticed an issue with your device handlers and homebridge, the functionality of the switches is not translating to homebridge for some reason.

They just appear as devices with no functionality.

Sorry I really have no experience with Homebridge. I have a bunch of multiple handlers, does it work with any of them or none of them? Does it work fine with the stock handlers? I can’t even think of where to begin to troubleshoot this, if someone has more experience with Homebridge and would like to add some ideas please chime in.

Yes, if I switch to the stock Z-Wave Dimmer DTH, I can control the switches through homebridge.

I wonder if its recognizing just the buttons for double tap and not the switch? Or its getting confused by both? It seems some mentioned on the other Homebridge thread an issue with devices with multiple capabilities, which means it could be a problem beyond just these DTH’s and could impact any device with multiple capabilities, but again, just not that familiar with what the problem could be and these are shots in the dark. Hopefully someone on the Homebridge thread can shed some more light on this.

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@skates some ideas to try to test out the idea about multiple capabilities:

Comment out with // in front of the “button” capability around line 45 - this would temporarily remove the buttons from the DTH - they would probably stop working until you remove the slashes but it could be a way to test.

If that works, then the issue is with the Homebridge code, and either that would have to be updated, or another possibility would be my DTH is updated to somehow make button devices “child” devices. That could solve the issue of Smarthings only showing “button” and not differentiating them in automatons, and would create seperate devices for the switch and each button. It doesn’t seem that is going to be updated anytime soon (aka “smartthings soon”). Doing child devices at the moment is a little beyond what I can do but I can look into it.

Try adding the capability “light” to the end of the capabilities around line 53. I probably will add that capability in the next update after testing because this could be leading to some problems with Alexa integration, etc anyway, see below:

capability "Light"

@mwav3: I apologize, the issue is actually limited to the On/Off switch. With all the different capabilities for the dimmers, I was able to find the control for the them.

With the On/Off switch, the actual switch capability is not appearing.

Ok thanks for the clarification. You can still try what I wrote above in the on/off switch DTH, but I’m not going to add the light capability to the permanent code on GitHub because the on/off switch may be used by people to control other things besides lights.

I see people have been clicking the link for the updated code on this 46203. Can anyone confirm if the updated handler linked above and here works?- https://github.com/mwav3/smartthingscode/blob/master/projects/GE-42603-test.groovy

I want to update the button values to better work with the new automations section but I’ve never been able to confirm if the first version works so am hesitant to update it. I still don’t have this switch but since its been on the market for over a year I’d imagine many more are using it. Let me know if it’s working or there is interest in an update before working on it.

Hi mwav3, I’ve just tested it and it seems to be working really well. Thanks for building this!

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One question: is it supposed to be backwards compatible with older dimmer versions? I’d like to know if I can apply this DH to all my dimmers, including the old ones I have.

Thanks for letting me know its working. I’m working on some more updates so it will work with the new automation section of the new app.

No it is not backwards compatible with older dimmers. Older dimmers did not support central scene control. Use this one- https://github.com/mwav3/smartthingscode/blob/master/devicetypes/mwav3/ge-jasco-zwave-plus-dimmer-switch.src/ge-jasco-zwave-plus-dimmer-switch.groovy for older jasco dimmer switches that don’t support central scene but are still zwave plus. If you have a really old non zwave plus switch, those do not support double tap.

I just posted an updated handler that uses new button values to work on the automations screen on the new app. Since the button values were updated, you would need to change any old automations that were programmed if you update. I have the on/off switch and confirmed with that it is working fine. The dimmer should be fine too with the new code, but let me know if anyone has issues. If you’re interested in trying the update @jtornovsky the details are in the top post and link below

Just dipping my toe in here… but do we think this code would work for the 46024 Dimmer Toggle?

Yes it should definitely work for the toggle - which is the 46204. The configuration parameters are identical to the decora 46203. It may work for several other newer dimmers too, including Honeywell which are almost the same. If you go to the Zwave alliance website and search for Jasco/Enbrighten/Honeywell and check the command class, if it lists “central scene”, this handler should work for any of those.

If anyone has alternative switches that work with this handler, feel free to share the information here and I can add them to the fingerprint. I would need the raw description from the device in the IDE to add the fingerprint, like this example:
mfr:0063 prod:4952 model:3135 ver:5.53

I also have a related handler for the on/off switch (NON dimmer) on this link- [RELEASE] GE/Jasco 46201 On/Off Switch

Here’s the info for the 46204 toggle from the Zwave alliance:


Interesting. Will it still work with Smart Lighting? It uses the button numbers, and if understood it well, now it’s a single button distinguished by different actions.

Very cool, as you predicted, it works perfect with my 46204 toggle. I may try your 46201 code with my 46202 switch next. Thank you!

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I just figured out about Smart Lighting, it lists the actions, sweet! I also checked automations and the events now can be detected perfectly, very handy.
Now, the last validation is on WebCore. I couldn’t find a way to detect what action was performed. Can you point me in the right direction here?

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