My Contacts - is it back?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1

I noticed when I first opened my so and tapped on the hamburger that there was a second of delay when it opened.

And the contact book was there.

But it would disappear really fast.

So, I formulated a plan, drank some caffeine, and hit ready. I opened the app, did the tap, and when it was there I tapped on it.

There was a pause, kind of like it couldn’t believe I had caught it.

It opened, I added a contract, and now it is there!

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(Rob) #2


Just did the same thing, this is awesome… I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for this, since I pre-ordered the V2 Hub… Support had said there was no timeline on this coming back.

Looks like the scenario you listed is what it takes to get the My Contacts to work…

  1. Launch App (make sure it was closed before and not in background)
  2. Quickly open hamburger menu, and then hit My Contacts
  3. Add a Contact and number or email.
  4. Do a happy dance!

(Matt) #3

ok so what does contact in ST do for you?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #4

You can choose who gets what notifications instead of them going to everyone attached to the account.

It can also send notifications to anyone you choose in your phone’s contact list.

Like if the security alarm goes off, it can send to your neighbor as well as you.

(Stuart Buchanan) #5

That doesn’t work on my uk account. It doesn’t flash up at all

(Anthony S.) #6

This seems like quite a coincidence to the post I made about this yesterday

(Ben W) #7

I saw contacts this morning, and I thought it was weird. it was gone before I took much notice.

I did not need caffeine, but was a beer in when I tried this. Still got to work.

Thanks for the post, I would have never tried.

edit: Contacts does feel a little half baked, probably why its not available widely yet.

(Jeff) #8

this sounds like a great feature to bad it doesn’t seem to work on ios, guess i’ll have to wait for an official release.

(Rick S) #9

Nothing for me, tired it 10-12 times

Looks like Android, any luck on IOS? I have Android BTW :slight_smile:


(Meep Meep.....) #10

when i force close the app; then launch a new session – its there until the app finishes loading. ( the sequence is 1. notifcation 2. smartapp 3. contacts. then after the app completes loading; its 1. hub is online 2. notifications 3. smartapps.)

appears to be written in the app to have contacts but then disappears. very observant of the op.

(Andy Rawson) #11

You can try the other way to enable it but this is of course not an officially supported way to do it.

While logged into the ide go to then click on your account
Now in your browser address bar replace
And then enter to go to this new address.
Click the import users button and you should have contact book enabled now.

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(Micheal ) #13

Since this is enabled for you, you might want to check out Alexa Helper. The documentation stated this would be enabled at some point and that by using it you can push or SMS messages to people. See if this is enabled in any of your scenarios (like any on/off control scenarios). Be sure you have 2.8.6 (updated just now to keep the contacts from being a required parameter).

(Rick S) #14

I followed the IDE solution for contacts above and now Contacts show up on my phone, however the only contacts are me and my wife, no additional value at the moment


(Jeff) #15

Thanks! this did work! and thats awesome!

But as a warning to anyone else this overwrites all notification information from smartthings (SHM only?. apps that send notification seem to still work) so if you enable contact and stop there you will get no notification (from SHM) at all until you go through and set all notifications you had to use contacts

I am very excited to see this functionality throughout the system including being built into smart apps. it would be nice if there was another option when selecting notification destinations to select all (so when new contacts are added they automatically get the notifications), And the ability to disable messages for some items based on mode. for example send a txt to the neighbour about a water leak but only if the mode is vacation.

Also any time I select USA or Canada for my phone number location it changes it to bermuda and screws up the number :frowning: but it does still send the txt’s

(Micheal ) #16

Yep…seems they coded their stuff internally using this new process:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #18

I’m just a little curious… Did you read the first and second posts of this thread?

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(Meep Meep.....) #19

My bad. Post deleted.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #20

Lol, I was just screwen around. No worries my friend.

(ecksomperudenlign) #21

Worked. This is awesome. Thanks.

(Johnny) #22

I’ve tried both these methods with no luck. When I log into the IDE my initial address is and if i change to contact I just get a 500 error.

I’m also on IOS and the hamburger method doesn’t work as well. Would love to have this.