My Contacts - is it back?

Hey 4loveofpunk

Once logged into the IDE, select My Locations then select your account name, this is the URL where you will change account/show with contact

Give that a go


The app way is not working for me and I ma extremely confused as to how to set this up through the IDE. I’m in the UK. Please Help

This worked 100%, thank you!!

@Rigi03 use the method @Toy4Rick suggests. Go to your IDE and select My Locations from the top left then select your account name. The thing that took me a minute to figure out is to leave the string of code at the end and ONLY change account/show to contact which you’ll see I have highlighted in blue and leave whatever the code which i have represented in purple :wink:

EDIT: I screen shot the wrong address, should be account/show, see my new here.


I get access denied when I try this :frowning:

I was getting the same error over and over until I finally figured out you have to leave that string of numbers at the end plus the forward slash.

Just follow these steps…

  1. Log into IDE -

  2. Look to top left and choose “My Locations”

  1. Click on Account - Probably your name

  1. In your address bar you will have something that looks like this below

  1. Change it to this below (with whatever your last stream of code is)…

If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying, I feel like I had errors a couple times as well, but then seems like it just worked so either I did something wrong, or the trying a few times helped. But I just got it working about an hour ago.



Yes, confirmed - I also get "Access Denied - We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation"when following through on this - any pointers? Does this need to be enabled somehow by the ST folks? – UPDATE - scratch that after J’s walkthrough - I got after a couple of attempts - much appreciated - interested to explore further - following the specific outline above worked. - thank you.

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You’re very welcome, glad you got it!

Ah, what threw me off was that this image above shows location/show, which WON’T work. You have to go through to the account/show screen! (The follow up screenshots are what fixed it for me.)


Unfortunately for me it still isn’t working and i have tried the us IDE and UK IDE. Do you have any other suggestions.

I was able to add contacts, but there’s one I don’t want. How do I delete it? It says “couldn’t delete contact” in the app, and the IDE won’t delete it either.

I haven’t tried to delete one but I have to say I think there’s a reason we’re not able to add it easily. It’s pretty buggy from what I’ve noticed. It keeps saying my wife’s country is Grenada and changing the formatting of her number. I can imagine what you’re seeing is one of many issues. I’ll try to delete my wife’s number and report back.

I was able to delete my wife’s contact info and re-add, no problem, directly in the Android app. I can’t seem to be able to delete my own contact info no matter what I try

And the available info inside each contact is different, not sure what’s up wiht that

Lol I’m getting access denied when I hit that URL. Must’ve blocked that Easter egg

I just did it and it worked fine.

My bad I got it now :slight_smile:

So can someone tell me what the benefit is of this little hidden gem?

You should be able to specifically set who receives notifications from SHM etc… although its pretty buggy (from what I’ve been told)

SHM, yes ;-), but for me it’s been great! I have my wife set up with her own account to log on the app on her phone, and then set up in My Contacts for notifications. She only gets the important stuff, while I get everything.


Just tried it myself and it’s excellent!


So if I close the ST app on my android , then reopen the app and quickly press the hamburger menu I see my contacts but it quickly goes away. What is wrong here?

You need to activate it, easiest way to do it is:

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