Rule Machine Feature Requests

That is a very good point and I agree. That was a catastrophe.

Now, if the user could rename the parent app for each install then I could see a use. But 25 installs of Rule Machine would drive me nuts! .lol

They are already there in device details for every device in every room. Forget the name of the rule that turns off the bathroom fan? How about looking at the bathroom fan device details?


That’s usually the way I do it when I need a specific rule. I only go in the app ago when I have to… And with the failure to load apps problem, that’s not that often

That’s very true and I was going to mention that. Every rule/automation associated with a device is listed in the room -> device.

I’m not saying there aren’t ways to find out what the rules name is, only that I can see why some would prefer to be able to see all automation’s in a room similar to seeing all things in a room.

But again this is easily fixed by naming conventions of said rules -

Hey @bravenel, dos this work in rule machine?

If not, can it?

Hi @bravenel . Hopefully a small thing, but could ‘emergency heat’ mode be an action option for thermostats? Currently only ‘heat’, ‘cool’, ‘off’ and ‘auto’ available. Using a thermostat device in the UK that has a boost/emergency heat capability where this would be useful to configure.

You are right, that should be supported. I will add that today and push it out. Will let you know…

Emergency heat is now supported. See this post:

@Alyc100, please test with your thermostat!

I tried my suggestion that I gave you about using Adjust Dimmer to replace one my Adjust Fan automations for a ceiling fan. Works as expected, even with dimmer level 0 actually turning the fan off. Consequently, I’m actually considering deprecating the Adjust Fan action as it isn’t needed. That would be a first!! :grinning:

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Agree that less is more, and it works great, but it may not be as intuitive to the common folk (like myself)… thank you for continuing to innovate!

Great. Thanks for the quick update!

Hello Bruce,

Can Rule Machine be made to read and do things with the “Three Axis” data that the SmartSense Multi Sensor puts out?

I made myself a mood cube recently, and the stock SmartApp for it is terrible and slow. I bet Rule Machine could do a better job of it, if only it could interpret the data on it…

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Can we not have a simple way to disable an individual rule without having to resort to virtual switches etc…just a rule enabled flag?

Scroll all of the way to the bottom…
Boolean disable…

I’m looking at openHAB as a future HA-Redundancy mechanism.

i.e. if I have an openHAB system up and running and testing devices and things for a while, then in the event of the current SmartThings MELT-DOWN not getting resolved fairly soon, I would only (OK, I probably shouldn’t use the word ‘only’, but still…) need to remove all of my devices from SmartThings, and add them into my openHAB setup.

Of course, there are all kinds of ya-buts in the mix (i.e. I think it currently only has Z-Wave device support?), but it’s something I’m seriously considering. I know it won’t be anything like SmartThings, but I figure having even a wimpy fall-back system is better than none…AND at the current rate of fixing going on around here, if the PROBLEMS here last long enough, and if my testing of OH goes really, really well, who knows?..perhaps I’ll just migrate and be done with it (doubt it in the real-world, but the idea is tempting).


@bravenel Is there any chance that you’d be willing (or, I guess, crazy enough) to go over to openHAB, and start coding stuff over there too? lol :slight_smile:

I am already there at the moment, but i now have Openhab 2 beta 2 as a secondary zwave controller. this now does about 75% of my automation’s when ST is down. there is some limitations but saves me switching 100’s of devices over.

@bamarayne that bit only works provided you are not using private boolean for other things within that or other rules, and besides it doesn’t stop the evaluation of the rule per se which is what i am after.

Gotcha, what are you trying to do? Maybe I can help.

all i wanted to do is disable a rule and keep the inputs so i could try out some new ones and restore back… these rules do use private boolean instead of virtual switches to do some evaluation which is why i cant use that feature, its too late now as i have just trashed and recreated but it would have been nice at the time hence the request